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Kindergarten English Teacher (95)

CNY 25,000 - 29,000 per month
Full Time

Job Description

1. Be responsible for organizing and implementing the courses and teaching activities inaccordancewith educational concept and curriculum provision;
2. Be responsible for designing, organizing and carrying out interesting activities accordingtochildren's age and physical & mental development characteristics to promote children'sdevelopment and achieve educational goals;
3. Ensuring the curriculum and teaching activities would be implemented in a safe and orderlywayso that children could constantly improve English skills and achieve development goals for certainages;
4. Be responsible for regularly updating decoration of classes and the school, in order tomaketheclass environment become ‘the third language’ for children's development;
5. Be responsible for communicating with parents, providing parents necessary and timelyperiodicfeedback on children's living and learning situations in the school, organizing parent-teacherconferences and conducting teaching-report meetings to present learning outcomes under assistanceof native teachers;
6. Employee should attend all kinds of work-related meetings and training activities on time;
7. Be responsible for timely implementing relevant teaching plans, observation records, theLettertoParents, Home-Kindergarten Manual and other documents;
8. Participate in and support the activities of promotion and enrollment of the kindergarten;
9. Employee should comply with the school management regulations and working requirements,and accept the school manager and principal’s guidance, supervision and evaluation;
10. Employee should actively learn Chinese culture and tacitly cooperate with native facultytocreate a harmonious and pleasant working atmosphere.


1. Full-time bachelor degree or above; pre-school education, education, teaching management and other related majors; teachers’ certificates or relevant professional certificates;
kindergarten teaching experience for 2 years or above in Britain, America or other European countries ;
3. Be familiar with the concept of British preschool education and the characteristics of British kindergarten education and teaching;
4. Priority for employees equipped with research experiences in EYFS, Reggio Emilia approach or forest school;
5. Respect and love children, be enthusiastic, friendly, easy-going, and with good expression ability,adaptability and coordination ability;
6. Be positive at work with passion; be cooperative in teamwork.


1. Payment: 25-29k after tax
2. Full paid Chinese official holidays
3. Monthly accommodation allowance
4. Working visa
5. Summer 4 weeks and winter 3 weeks holiday with pay of 10k before tax
6. social insurance provided


Early Childhood Level


ESL Teacher



Language Requirements


Education Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Visa Support


Only Candidates from this countries can apply:


Date Posted: 2024-02-20

Date Modified: 2024-02-20

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  • Industry: Human Resources
  • Company Size: 1 to 50 employees
  • Type: Other Organization

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