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LaowaiCareer provides once-in-a-lifetime China internships, graduate jobs and full-time career opportunities for
students, graduates, entry-level talent and young professionals. Whether you are already in China or thinking about
working in China, LaowaiCareer can find the perfect China job for you.

Elantu international Logo
Full Time
9000 - 25000 per month
China - Beijing
Hampson English Training School Logo
Full Time
15000 - 21000 per month
China - Shenzhen
Guangzhou Banggood Technology Co.,LTD Logo
Full Time
12000 - 15000 per month
China - Guangzhou
LaowaiCareer Logo
Full Time
12000 - 12000 per month
China - Wuhan

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In China, there is an industry to match every interest, background, and skillset. LaowaiCareer works with both local Chinese companies and multinational corporations representing a diverse range of industries to ensure that there is a job for every applicant.

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Not only does LaowaiCareer showcase job opportunities in every industry imaginable, but we also
provide you with data about the hottest sectors and latest China job trends. Whether you are still in school,
just graduated or have several years of experience under your belt, LaowaiCareer has new opportunities for you.

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This is a chance to develop a strong career network and a real opportunity for career advancement.
Companies in China partner with LaowaiCareer to find the perfect person for the job.

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