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You’re looking for real foreign talent, but you can’t find it. You’ve searched everywhere, but the candidates either aren’t right or don’t have the qualifications you’re looking for. LaowaiCareer changes that.

As a Top 100 Career Blog, we draw candidates from around the world who have the qualifications and expertise your business or organisation needs. Moreover, we do all this for minimal cost and with an emphasis on you. If you find yourself stuck or not getting the employment results you want, our expert staff are right here to offer you the advice you need to stand out from the crowd and start meeting the right candidates.


Why to use LaowaiCareer


Post Once, Reach Everyone

Post your job just once and you’ll be seen in hundreds of locations; from search engines to large job platforms and social media sources. You won’t have to worry about disappearing into the crowd.

Unique Built-In Talent Screening System

With our unique talent tracking and selection system, you’ll be able to find the right applicants in no time. Whether that’s foreign teachers, foreign interns, foreign sales, foreign marketing talents, or foreign management talents.

Save 30% On Recruitment Costs

One of the biggest expenses for companies can be recruitment costs, we’ll help you trim that by up to 30%.

Convenient and Useful Notifications

No longer will you be plagued by notifications you don’t need or which aren’t relevant. We make sure you are only notified of what is important to you and your business.

Helpful Hints and Tips

We will provide you with the advice you need to maximise your success rate. From tailoring Job descriptions to developing better communication, we’re here to help.

Branding Done Your Way

Shape your employer profile to ensure candidates see you the way you want. Our staff will help you to create a profile which stands out from the crowd.


Why Candidates Choose Us



Candidates choose LaowaiCareer because it’s easy to use. They can simply set up an online profile, fill out and download a tailor-made resume, and check for the jobs they want.


If Candidates find anything tricky, our expert staff are here to help them every step of the way, from signing up, to accepting the right offer.


When candidates go through LaowaiCareer they get results, not just unhelpful job suggestions. We Make sure that they find the job they want and the job they belong in. This also means you’ll find the candidate which is right for you.


Most of all, LaoWaiCareer is free for candidates, meaning that they don’t have to spend any money on finding the right position.



We help companies make recruitment their competitive advantage


Alpha Ye叶嘉殷
International Talents Supervisor. Bright Scholar Education Group.

The Bright Scholar Education Group has schools in over 8 provinces throughout China, including cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Foshan. As such a large school, we require over 150 foreign teachers every academic year to work in around 70 kindergartens, schools and training centres.

Before we found LaowaiCareers, we had been using numerous online databases and websites to source our teachers. The problem was that we found many of these places were either a little bit too expensive or attracted foreign teachers which just weren’t a good fit for us.

Working with LaowaiCareers has been a great experience. Not only is the service more cost effective than its competitors, but the staff have been great from start to finish. When we starting writing job ads, the LaowaiCareers team gave us a lot of tips on what to do, and what to avoid. Additionally, they gave us a good set of guidelines for how to communicate with potential candidates. Both of these things helped a lot and certainly added to the value of the package.

One other thing which was a nice touch was the website design. Seeing as how we’re always looking for potential applicants, we tend to check services daily to see if there are any new possibilities. With LaowaiCareers, this has been even easier due to its user-friendly and functional website design.

Would we recommend LaowaiCareer to partners and friends? I think the answer to that is a yes.

Joanne Fong
Recruitment Advisor Suzhou Boren HR Consulting Co., Ltd.

We’ve been using LaowaiCareer for a while now and we couldn’t be happier. As a HR company based in Suzhou, but which does business all over China, we have fairly large recruitment requirements. Before we started using LaowaiCareer, we sometimes struggled to meet those requirements.

We have used other recruitment platforms in the past, but we just haven’t had the same level of success as we have with LaowaiCareers.

What’s great about LaowaiCareer is the invitation feature. We generally recruit fresh graduates – and sometimes people without degrees or with years of experience - so making that that they’re well informed helps us down the line, when other offers start to appear. LaowaiCareer’s initiation feature means that a candidate can receive many different offers, which gives them a good understanding of what alternatives they can expect. This means that they know what they’re getting into when they sign with us.

We would definitely recommend LaowaiCareer to any other company looking to meet their recruitment needs. They provide a good follow-up service, and make sure that any problems you have are addressed. Whilst LaowaiCareer currently only take up a small percentage of our recruitment needs, we are looking forward to continuing to work with them and closing even more cases.

Sylvie Xie
International Talent Recruitment Manager. Great China International Education.

Having tried several different recruiting services over the 21 years since we founded Great China International Education, we have had trouble finding quality candidates among the many many users of other recruitment websites.

Compared with other recruitment websites, applicants from LaowaiCareer are more accountable and they are serious about the position they applied for. This, plus the high level of support provided by LaowaiCareer, more than make up for the cost of the service. We have made successful hires from the applicants recruited through LaowaiCareer, and would definitely recommend the service to other companies looking for well-qualified candidates.



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