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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay a fee to register?

Nope, registering as a candidate is completely free.

What industries do LaowaiCareer employers come from?

Our partners come from almost every industry imaginable such as architecture, art, business development, consulting, education, fashion design, graphic design, HR, international trade, IT, law, marketing, media/PR, sales, travel and supply chain operations.

How long do internships in China usually last?

Most internships are between 1-3 months depending on your availability and the company’s needs.

Do I need a China visa to work in China short-term?

Yes, every non-Chinese born citizen needs a visa to enter China for work or play.

I don’t have any work experience yet. Is it pointless to open an account on LaowaiCareer?

No, it’s absolutely not pointless. You can find both internships and entry-level jobs on LaowaiCareer.

Once I find a job or internship, should I delete my account?

No way! Nothing in life is certain and you should keep all options open. Simply update your profile that you are not immediately looking for a new job.

Do I need to be able to speak Chinese to get a job in China?

Absolutely not. All of our LaowaiCareer employers are hiring you because of your non-Chinese language skills. While it is definitely useful to be able to speak Chinese in China, it is not a requirement for most of positions.