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Senior Sales Manager of South America

China - Shenzhen
CNY 20,000 - 40,000 per hour
Full Time

Job Description

1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of the sales market of energy storage products in South America, and complete the sales targets;
2. Responsible for daily communication with customers, order establishment, production coordination and collection follow-up;
3. Regularly collect the latest market policies and competitor information, and feedback market information and customer requirements to the company;
4. Regularly summarize the work results and report with the team;
5. Participate in important exhibitions and industry summits, do a good job in brand marketing and customer mining;
6. Other tasks arranged by the company's leaders.
7. This position is located in Shenzhen, China.


1. Fluent in English or Spanish speaking and writing, able to complete basic customer development work alone;
2. Excellent sense of teamwork and the ability to think independently;
3. Have sufficient concentration and self-motivation;
4. Have the ability to allocate reasonable tasks in multi-task situations and achieve reasonable work result output;
5. Have more than 2 years of sales experience in overseas photovoltaic industry or solar product application industry;
6. Have good communication skills and business negotiation skills, good interpersonal relations and organizational coordination skills;
7. Bachelor degree or above.
1. Familiar with foreign solar energy and energy storage industry policies, market vanes, product needs of various countries, familiar with product industry standards;
2. Familiar with photovoltaic, energy storage and other technical knowledge;
3. Experience of working or living independently overseas is preferred.


Social insurance, free fruit, free shuttle, regular medical examinations, professional training, employee travel...


Business Development, Sales, Administation


Ability To Motivate, Adaptive Leadership, Administrative Management, Analysis Skills, Analytical Abilities, Business Communications, Business Creation, Commercial contract drafting & negotiation, Customer Support, Problem-solving, Teamwork

Language Requirements

English, Spanish

Education Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Visa Support


Only Candidates from this countries can apply:


Date Posted: 2022-08-04

Date Modified: 2022-08-04

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  • Industry: International Trade and Development
  • Type: Private Company

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