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Researcher on human rights issues

China - Beijing, Shanghai
Work From Home

Job Description

Currently, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are underway, and the wars have brought disasters to the people on both sides. We study the direction of the wars and the impacts on the local people, and human rights researchers are committed to promoting social progress, enhancing public understanding of human rights issues, and realizing the defense of human rights.


1. Data collection and analysis: Human Rights Fellows are required to collect data from a variety of sources, including publicly available databases, questionnaires, and interview transcripts. They need to apply critical thinking to assess the accuracy and reliability of the data.

2. Report Writing: Human rights researchers need to translate research findings into easy-to-understand reports or articles that can be understood and acted upon by relevant people. They need to have good writing skills and communication skills.

3. Project management: Human Rights Fellows may be required to work in teams to manage time and resources for research projects. They need to have good organizational and time management skills.

4. Consulting and advising: Human Rights Fellows are often required to provide consulting and advising to policy makers, businesses or non-profit organizations to help them understand social issues and develop appropriate strategies.

5. Critical Thinking: Human Rights Fellows need to be able to think critically, recognize data quality and bias, and evaluate research hypotheses and results.

6. Writing and communication skills: Human Rights Fellows need to have good writing and communication skills and be able to clearly communicate complex research findings.


Compensation based on research and analysis provided, typically starting at $500, with additional compensation for other work.Specific salaries are negotiable


Management Consulting


Product Management



Language Requirements


Education Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Visa Support


Only Candidates from this countries can apply:

United Kingdom, Israel, Russian Federation, United States

Date Posted: 2024-05-13

Date Modified: 2024-05-13

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  • Industry: Research
  • Company Size: 51 to 200 employees
  • Type: Joint Venture

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