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Sunrise Company is the most professional agent in China, we have partnership with over 3000 schools and institution, all the job offer release soon, and it will fill up soon, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible, we would like to provide the most professional service and the best offer for you!
Our main job is helping foreign teachers find jobs.We have recommended plenty of excellent foreign teachers continuously to lots of domestic public schools, teaching institutions, enterprises and individuals. We appreciate that you take time out from your busy schedule to know us, and we hope that we can build a long-term cooperative relations through this communication.
At present, with numerous foreign enterprises pouring and the reform of the College Entrance Examination in China, more and more people, schools and teaching institutions pay more attention to build a good language environment, which causes the demand for foreign teachers on the increase. However, the quality and the system of service by many intermediary services has not kept pace with the development of the industry, which brings foreign teachers insecurity and adds hidden trouble to schools and teaching institutions. As a matter of fact, schools, intermediary organs and foreign teachers are a trinity. Schools and teaching institutions should keep a long-term and stable cooperative relations with foreign teachers through comprehensive intermediary service. Only in this way, can foreign teachers pay attention to teaching and schools run. Given this, our company has built the most professional, the most stable and the most authoritative plate form that recommend foreign teachers. Me first, and the world would change by me. Let’s maximize benefits for both sides together!

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