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Early Chilhood / Kindergarten



Early Chilhood / Kindergarten

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501 to 1,000 employees
LM Education Group is an education group which is composed of Chinese and foreign experts with rich experience in international school management. LM Education is committed to integrating Eastern and Western educational methods and building a bridge to the world.

For many years, Lemei Education has focused on integrating global high-quality education resources, providing Chinese schools with international localized high-quality education management services, and investing in the creation and management of educational entities.

International Education Team
Three Pillars(IB, PYP, STEAM, Academic English)
Extra Curricular Activities( Golf, Piano,Swimming, Basketball etc. )
Directly operated kindergartens: 16 campuses
Brand members: BIS(Brilliant international school), LM Bilingual kindergarten, Cathy’s House and LeHui Chinese kindergarten
Serving more than 20,000 students

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