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Primary-Secondary Education

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5,001 to 10,000 employees
Elan School is English training center that provide international enrichment programs for Chinese K-G6 local and international students. They are designed to improve students’ language skills, thinking skills, problem solving abilities and knowledge of global culture. Elan offers one of the most comprehensive English language arts programs in China for students between the ages 5-12. It is especially designed to explore the joys of reading and help connect students to a whole world of new ideas and information. Independence is promoted with Elan. Elans extensive guided reading (library) program consisting of over 5,000 audio books and regular books, and complements this behavior with specialized literature and writing classes. These programs help students become independent English reader and master English as a lifetime language skill, enabling them to enter the best high schools and universities later in the USA and elsewhere.

Please visit our school's website https://www.elanschool.cn/english.jsp?urltype=tree.TreeTempUrl&wbtreeid=1022 to learn more information about us.

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Full Time
20000 - 27000 per month
China - Shanghai
Full Time
18000 - 24000 per month
China - Beijing
Full Time
20000 - 26000 per month
China - Foshan, Guangzhou
Full Time
20000 - 26000 per month
China - Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen