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Beijing This Month Publications (BTMP) is an organisation of the Publicity Department of the Beijing Municipality. Its main task is to promote Chinese culture and the positive image of the Beijing Municipality in the BEIJING weekly paper magazine, and to provide information for visitors to Beijing with regular publications such as Beijing Official Guide, Beijing Fact File and Map of Beijing.

In addition to these publications, BTMP organises cultural events, such as “Foreign Photographers Focus on Beijing,” which has been run for more than 10 years. Pictures collected from this event are displayed in the “Charming Beijing” Photo Exhibition, organised by BTMP. These photography exhibitions have been mounted internationally including in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Netherland, South Africa and Korea among other countries.

Beijing This Month Publications also provides English-language editing and graphic design services.

BTMP can also be reached via the account name "StoriesofBeijing" on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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