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Funded by ECUC, a leading architecture firm in China and outstanding educational leadership and vision, Avenue Green is set to become a visionary leader in the field of education. We carry the mission to emphasize self exploration and self teaching so that our kids come to grasp the fundamental nature of the world. We believe that the DNA of leadership should be imprinted early on in life.
At the foot of Sheshan Mountain, kids will grow up amongst the trees, joyfully immersed in the beauty of nature. Our campus boasts an assortment of venues in the neighborhood, including an amusement park, a water park, a lake, and a famous golf course on the PGA tour. Sheshan is a prime residential community 30 minutes from central Shanghai. Situated on over 2 acres of land, designed by ELTO of Malaysia and ECUC, The Avenue Green Sheshan campus strives to support the evolution of early childhood education, ensuring a joyful and safe environment for exploration.

About Shanghai City:

During 770-221 BC, Shanghai was the fiefdom of Huang Xie, Lord Chun Shen of Chu state, therefore, the city was named after its Lord “Shen”. During the Jin Dynasty (266-420 AD), due to the fishermen's creation of fishing tool "Hu", the place where the river flows into the sea was called "Du", so the lower reaches of Songjiang River is called "Hu Du", and later changed to “Hu”, which is another name of the Shanghai City.

Here, classical and modern complement each other, tradition and breakthrough advance shoulder to shoulder. Stadiums, opera houses and shopping centers spread all over the city, the forest coverage rate of Shanghai is 17.56%, and the per capita park green space area is 8.3 square meters.

With the efforts of all our people, the fighting against coronas virus has reached staged success. Except for imported cases, there is no obvious growing of domestic infection, according to the latest government report.

We welcome people who love life and all the beautiful things, from all over the world with our open arms, to build our common home together.

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22000 - 28000 per month
China - Shanghai