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企鹅家族英语是专业面向2-8岁儿童的全球英语培训机构,课程由世界顶尖的百年语言培训机构灵格风集团(Linguaphone Group)和使用获得国际多项大奖的儿童动画片《从南极来的Pingu》研发而来。主要是针对母语非英语的儿童,以第二母语习得为基础,通过小企鹅Pingu日常生活的冒险经历以及和家人、朋友的故事,再现了儿童日常生活中的真实场景,零距离贴近生活,让儿童身临其境地模仿并使用英语。
Pingu’s English is a global professional English training institutions for 2-8years old children,course by the world’s top language training institution Linguaphone Group and according to the cartoon 《Pingu from the south pole》which have received many international rewards to research and development.Mainly for non English speaking children,Based on second native language acquisition,the little penguin Pingu daily life adventure as well as friends and family stories,Reproduction of the children's daily life in the real scene, zero distance close to life, so that children immersive imitation and use of English.
Pingu’s English around the rich and colourful theme activities,through role-playing, imitation , group activities, song training, online games, instant evaluation, entertaining, individualized, step by step to let children easily without the pressure to the natural acquisition of the second language.Through a large number of real scenes exercise, to enhance children's language use and output ability, to deepen learning, master listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and to promote the overall growth of children.
The course designed by language and children's education expert team of the world's top,base on the core of learning English,at the same time satisfy children in entertainment,emotion,social ,expression,aesthetic and body demand for all overall development. The study books include DVD, learning books, music, stories, computers, games, and a lot of high quality integrated multimedia courses of online learning, including online courses, global test systems, etc.
Pingu’s English is a well-known international brand,headquartered in the UK,since its launch in 2008,it has been in Asia,Europe,Africa,Middle-East and South America,nearly 30country,150centers.June 2015,Pingu’s English first China Center officially opened at Peking Salana shopping mall,Pingu’s English has 50centers in China currently,located in beijing,shanghai,shenyang,tianjin daqing,yuncheng,wenzhou.
Pingu’s English dedicated to teaching children English,it will open in more city in the future, through the advanced teaching idea, perfect teaching system, content rich and diverse materials, spiral progressive course, bring a better learning experience and feelings of life for children.

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Full Time
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China - Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shen...