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Math and Science Teacher

China - Beijing
CNY 20000 - 25000 per month
Full Time

Job Description

【Math and General Science for Grade 6-9; Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and corresponding AP course for Grade 9-11, for Veritas Beijing Campus】
1. Create and keep optimizing lesson plans, actively instruct students, assign and grade homework and testing, manage students in the classroom.
2. Help students for their mastery of basic skills and standardized test, choose material and prepare discussion topics, foster their interest and passion for the subject and the real world, bestow the students with arithmetic and analytical skills in the scientific method.
3. Assign problem solving projects according to American calculation and graphing standards, monitor drafting process and hand-on activities, maximize individual involvement and confidence, encourage students to make connections between topics and think critically and creatively.
4. Serve as a mentor around 6 students regarding topics of their academic plan, psychological situation, educational career, etc.
5. Jointly work with Chinese teachers to sponsor, design, attend and monitor student extracurricular activities, such as field trip, science fair, etc.
6. Interact with parents during designated conference to talk about academic and, if needed, behavioral issues.
7. Follow other administrative requests from the organization and mechanics.
8. AP Courses, SAT teaching or tutoring experience is preferred.

【About Veritas Prep School Beijing Campus】
Veritas Prep School is a classical school in Virginia and rated the top 10% best schools by ACT. In Beijing, we began to enroll the first batch of students for both middle and high school in 2015, from Grade 7 to 11, while Grade 12 students accomplish their final academic year in America. We completely employ the school-running model of Veritas’ main campus in the U.S, which includes teachers, enroll system, teaching methods, textbooks, social activities, etc. We aim to create a quality liberal arts school of classical education system in China, a quality learning environment, and a successful transition to our students who are going to study in the U.S universities.

Our current teaching resources are mainly dispatched by Veritas main campus, the other teachers are recruited by ourselves through reliable channels, all of them are conducting high performance on the classical education courses, and their professionalism have obtained remarkable satisfaction by students and parents.


1. Enthuse about education, and love students;
2. Be able to teach in fluent English with good accent.
3. Minimum Bachelor’s degree that relates to teaching subjects is required;
4. Minimum 2 years’ experience of major-related teaching above middle school;
5. Be good at communication with students;
6. Teaching License or teaching certificate such as TEFL or TESOL is preferred;
7. Good health status;
8. No criminal records and violated records;
9. Be able to consecutively complete over one entire academic year in China.
10. PROBATIONARY PERIOD: 2 months from on board date


1. ANNUAL SALARY: Negotiable according to working experience and expertise. Summer vacation salary is paid at 60% of the full monthly salary for 2 year contract.
2. WEEKLY CLASS HOURS: Under 25 teaching hours per week
3. PRE-EMPLOYMENT MEDICAL CHECK-UP: required before on board
4. HEALTH INSURANCE: Insurance package fully offered
5. HOUSING: School provides a two-bedroom furnished apartment suite shared by two people. If come with spouse who also works for the school, it will be a two-bedroom suite.
6. HOME TRIP AIR TICKET: One yearly free China-U.S round trip economy class air tickets
7. VACATIONS: All Chinese national public holidays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Paid winter vacation.
8. WORKING PERMITS: covers cost up to RMB1000 of Visa Application Fee




Teaching, Training, Administation


Academic English, Academic Program Management, Behavior Change Communication, Complex Project Management

Language Requirements


Education Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Visa Support


Only Candidates from this countries can apply:

Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States

Date Posted: 2018-11-09

Date Modified: 2018-11-11

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