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Kindergarten homeroom teacher

China - Shenzhen, Changsha
CNY 17,000 - 26,000 per month
Full Time

Job Description

1.English Teaching 英语教学;
2.Accompany and take care of them. 陪伴并照顾孩子;
3.Arrangements and participation in school activities with Chinese teacher together与中教老师安排并参与幼儿园各项活动
4.Kindergarten environment decoration 环创


1.Bachelor degree (any major for native English speakers, and limited majors such as English, English Teaching, Education, linguistics for non-native English speakers) with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) 本科学位(英语为母语者不限专业,英语非母语者要求英语、英语教学、教育或语言类专业),有TESOL或TEFL证书,120小时。
2.More than two years English teaching experience.2年英语教学经验。
3.Love and care Children 关心爱护孩子


2.Chinese legal holiday 合法节假日
The following are the Chinese legal holidays: 以下为中国法定节假日
New year’s day 元旦
Spring Festival 春节
Tomb-sweeping Festival 清明节
Labor Day 劳动节
Dragon Boat Festival  端午节
Moon Festival  (Mid-autumn Festival) 中秋节
National Day 国庆节
3.Social insurance 意外险
4.Applying for work permit(办理工作签)
5.Seniority pay(工龄工资)
6.Free meals in working day (工作日提供免费餐)
7.Other extra award for excellent working performance teacher.(评优评先奖励)


Early Childhood Level


ESL Teacher


English, ESL / English as a Second Language

Language Requirements


Education Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Visa Support


Only Candidates from this countries can apply:


Date Posted: 2022-08-01

Date Modified: 2022-08-01

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