Address: 38 Zheda Road, Hangzhou, China

Key Statistics

Zhejiang University was ranked at 300th position on the World University Rankings 2016, 25th on the Asia University Ranking 2016, 8th on BRICS and Emerging Economics 2016 and 81-90th on the World Reputation 2016. The staff-student ratio is 15:6 while the Female to Male Ration is 41:51.

Zhejiang University

Also known as Che Kiang University, Zhejiang University is a comprehensive national University in China. It is located in the picturesque and historical city of Hangzhou and its one of the earliest, prestigious and modern academies of higher learning established in China. It has a long history having been founded in 1897. It was named National Zhejiang University in 1928. ZJU would shortly move to Meitan, Zunyi and several other places during the 1940s war time but it would later return to Hangzhou in 1946 after seven years in West China.

There was a nationwide re-shuffling of universities in 1952 which lead to ZJU being divided into four specialised universities including Zhejiang Medical University, Hangzhou University, Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Agricultural University. The four schools would later merge to form a new Zhejiang University in 1998 with a new goal of developing into a world-class university.

ZJU, has for its 119 years of existence, been committed to cultivating talent with culture, serving for social development, promoting culture as well as advancing science and technology. ZJU rides on its motto of ‘Seeking the Truth and Pioneering New Trails” and hold the educational philosophy of cultivating all-around students, putting people first and is very dedicated to developing future leaders who possess international perspective.

Zhejiang University is focused on building itself into an innovative, world-class university with a comprehensive approach to research. It therefore fully adheres to the spirit of pioneering new trails, seeking the truth as well as being very dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge, serving and leading the society, promoting human progress, social development, promoting national prosperity as well as inheriting and advancing civilization.

Relevant Disciplines

Zhejiang University has such distinctive features that make it have not only a national but also an international impact. ZJU covers 12 subjects of study including philosophy, law, economics, education, history, literature, art, engineering, science, agriculture, management, medicine and so much more. It has seven faculties as well as 36 schools/departments/colleges. The university also has fourteen primary and twenty-one national leading academic disciplines. According to the Essential Science Indicator( ESI) rankings of 22 disciplines, ZJU ranks among the top 1% disciplines, and it’s also on the top 100 of the world’s academic institution list in 4 subjects.

Achieving Faculty Team

It has approximately 3,562 standing faculty members with 1,498 among them having the professorship title. It doesn’t stop there since the faculty is also made up of other important facts and figure including 18 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 15 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 41 chief scientists of national 973 projects, 76 experts in State 1000-elite Programs’ , 119 scholars awarded with National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and 113 Chair Professors in Chiang Jiang Scholars Program.
Considerable enrollment

The university has seven campuses including Zijingang, Xixi, Yuquan, Haining, Zhoushan, Zhejiang and Huajiachi campuses. Zhejiang university’s total number of full-time students is 47,339 which can be broken down into 23, 679 undergraduate students, 14, 289 graduate students and 9,153 doctorate students. Additionally, the university currently has 5,849 international students.

Consistent Improvement in Quality  Education and Research Capacity

ZJU is very focused on diligent study research as well as science and technological innovation. It has started a good number of international high-end academic platforms as well as gathering masters, high-level research teams as well as scholars in several disciplines. Recently, ZJU has maintained a leading position in China regarding output indicators such as patents and publications. It has made significant paramount achievements in technology, science, social sciences and humanities. It has 13 National Key Laboratories, 3 National Engineering Technology Centers, 22 National Engineering Research Centers, three national key research Centres of humanities and social sciences, 167 research institutions and so much more.

ZJU has always placed great importance on scientific research and has achieved so much for itself to the same effect.The university’s research funds had by 2015 reached to over 3,316 Billion Yuan, and it has made such significant contributions to the development of Science and Technology in China. It has invested in a University Science Park which serves as an incubating base as well as a radiating source for the university students and faculty to start high-tech businesses as well as industrializing their research achievements.

Currently, more that 100 hi-tech incubating enterprises have their branches set up in the park with ten agencies also moving there to provide services and consultation to entrepreneurs regarding the patent application, finance, law, technological transference and so much more. The University’s library is also quite resourceful with a collection of over 6,830,000 volumes, 1,700,000 e-books as well as 79,480 full-text journals in several languages.

Comfortable and Convenient Campus life

Being located in Zhejiang province which takes pride in being the most beautiful city in Hangzhou, the students get the chance of enjoying the great environment as well as the delicious Chinese food by trying out the excellent Zhejiang cuisine. There is also over 161 students’ organisations all over the university that serve to develop their student’s abilities as well as nurturing the students’ extracurricular interests. The university also provides several non-academic facilities including financial aids/ scholarships, sports facilities/activities, administrative services as well as study abroad and exchange programs. With the students coming from a great number of nationalities, ZJU provides an excellent opportunity to understand and experience different cultures.

International College of Zhejiang University

The International School focuses on enrollment, service and Chinese as a Second Language and Chinese Culture Programs. It also has an undergraduate program in Chinese studies and a graduate program upon completion. The College has also worked in collaboration with other universities including University of Rhode Island and the University of Western Australia to facilitate the setting up of the CI on their campuses.

There are also numerous opportunities of after class activities, and field work such as agricultural visits to tea plantations and farms, trips to other cities such as Xi’an as well as industry visits. The students are always encouraged to participate in speech contests, stage performances, various sports, and they also receive invitations to major holidays and festivals receptions.

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