This is only the beginning. As President Barack Obama said, “When women succeed, nations are more safe, more secure, and more prosperous.”


While great strides have been made in addressing gender equality, it remains a significant challenge across every development initiative worldwide. From paying people of another gender differently for the same job to refusing women promotion because of their sexuality.

Gender equality will be achieved when both women and men enjoy the equal rights and opportunities across all areas of society. Change can happen by embracing participation and decision-making. When the different roles, aspirations, and needs of women and men are favored and valued, there will be gender equality.
Gender inequality exists in many different forms and can only be approached when we recognize that it exists, and we make steps towards eradicating it. Gender inequality touches every aspect of our lives from friendships and relationships to the wage gap and female representation in management roles.

A study has found that more than half of women believe gender will hold them back in their career. Only 42 percent of women are convinced that their gender will have no impact on their pay and their career progression, contrasted to more than 70 percent of men.

Gender discrimination exists everywhere; it’s seen in workplaces, social life and our day to day lives. The Young Professional’s Forum will look at how women should address inequalities in our personal and professional lives. How can women work together to break glass ceilings? How to raise awareness of the issues they face? How do they become the leaders of tomorrow?

And how can men contribute to promoting gender equality? How can men make a difference? And how promoting an equal society can help both men and women progress professionally and personally?untitled

About the event

If you are interested in discussing how gender equality can be encouraged in our community, in our workplace, in our day to day lives, you can join the Young Professionals Forum which will be held at Havana Bar, Beijing on September 21, time 18:30- 21:00.
It’s not free you pay RMB 100 for members and RMB 200 for non-members. Both men and women alike are encouraged to join Young Professionals Forum for an evening of thought-provoking discussion. After hearing from the guest speakers, Swedish feminist Ellen Tejle and Chinese-Canadian David Zhu, you will have a chance to discuss your thoughts and share ideas with them and the audience over a relaxing drink at Havana Bar.

Ellen Tejle is a Swedish feminist and the director of Bio Rio, an art-house cinema in Stockholm’s trendy Södermalm district. She is well known for promoting the Bechdel-Wallace test, which is a new rating to highlight gender bias in movies and is supported by the state-funded Swedish Film Institute.

David Zhu is an experienced finance professional and entrepreneur. He previously worked at Goldman Sachs in investment banking before joining a private equity fund in Beijing. He later joined CareerDream, a start-up focusing on career development and provides recruitment services to financial institutions.


Event type British Chamber Young Professionals Forum
Date Wednesday, September 21st, 2016
Time 18:30-21:00
Open for All welcome
Cost Members 100 RMB Non-Members 200 RMB
Venue Havana Bar, Grand Millennium Beijing
Organiser BritCham / CBBC
Address 7 Dongsanhuan Middle Road, Chaoyang District

You can read more about this event on thebeijinger.

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