So, what exactly is the deal with Yongkang Street? What makes Yongkang Lu Shanghai bars and restaurants so popular among the Westerners? What are the best bars Shanghai spots for foreigners? Yongkang Lu street is where most expats in China to have drinks and delicious meals from the Chinese culture. For instance, the Yongkang Street beef noodles are so delicious that most Westerners prefer saving some lunch money to buy them.

If you are an American living in China, ensure that you visit some of the Yongkang Lu Shanghai metro restaurants and bars before returning home. Yongkang Road Taipei bars and restaurants are also friendly to non-westerners of course. There are some affordable meals and drinks which will keep you coming back.

Why are my friends talking about Yongkang Lu Street?!

Have you ever been in a position where you are the only one in your crew who hasn’t tasted a particular food or drink? Well, this is what happens when you don’t explore Shanghai’s nightlife. Popular bars and restaurants found along Yongkang Street such as Le cafe des Stagiaires Shanghai and Taipei City offer the perfect drinks.

This street has restaurants, small bars, and cafes which offer meals such as fish and chips. In fact, most of the bars and restaurants in this street are run by young French kids. Over the past few years, Yongkang Lu Street has grown. Today, the French present on this street are more than the locals. There are also some bars that are being run by Americans who have adapted to the Chinese way of life.

The usually Yong Kang street opening hours are from 10:00 am to 3:00 am. However, this time, the span will vary from one restaurant to the next.

The Le Cafe Des Stagiaires Shanghai Restaurant

If you are just craving for a delicious French meal, this is the place to go. This bar and restaurant is very trendy and is a great place to hang out with friends in China. It has a relaxed and very friendly staff. Le Cafe des Stagiaires Shanghai restaurant and bar is a nice place to have cocktails and various tapas dishes.

Taipei City – Yongkang Road Taipei Daan District

Yong Kang business area is located on Section 2 of Xinyi Road in Taipei Daan District. Yongkang Lu Street is well-known for its many exotic restaurants and locally refined cuisines. Foreigners are usually attracted by the mouthwatering dishes which can only be found along the Yongkang Road Taipei Street.

The most popular Yongkang Lu restaurants that expats wouldn’t miss are Yong Kang Beef Noodle and the Din Tai Fung Dumping House. Therefore, whether you are in for authentic Chinese dishes, American-Chinese dishes, or just the dumplings, this is the place to be.

What are the best bars in Shanghai?

This section will be divided into two parts; the best bars in Shanghai for expats and the best bars in Shanghai for foreigners who are on a budget. You should know that Shanghai is among the most expensive cities in China.

Best Bars for Expats in Shanghai

The Flair

If you are in for a great view, you should visit The Flair. This bar and restaurant has attracted thousands of foreigners with its captivating sky-high view. The Flair is located on the 58th floor which enables guests to enjoy a captivating view of the Pearl Tower. It also contains the highest outdoor sushi bar and upscale lounge in the city. Due to the many guests, you should book in advance if you want to get a coveted table outside.

The interior design of the Flair has been decorated with natural woods and a rustic fireplace that creates an intimate, warm and ambient atmosphere. The drinks are quite expensive – some cocktails are as high as 150RMB.

Sir Elly’s Terrace

It’s the classiest spot to enjoy al fresco drinks on the Bund. Sir Elly’s Terrace is the finest French restaurant which comes with a full-on glamor of a by-gone era and crème de le crème services. This is where Shanghai’s wealthy and movers and shakers go to impress friends. It has a U-shaped terrace that offers a striking view of sparkling towers, ships along the river and colonial buildings.

Long Bar

If you want to feel the history, this is where you should go. The Long Bar is 34-meters long and has a dark, masculine ambiance. The most popular cocktails include Zazas, which are famous among the Chinese since 1919. Every night, the room is livened up by a soulful female jazz singer alongside a piano player.

Char at Indigo Hotel

This is an excellent and elegant steakhouse located in the Indigo Hotel in the southern part of the Bund. The most impressive dishes are the perfectly cooked cuts of premium beef prepared at the rooftop bar.

Where to hang out if you are on a budget


This is a tiny bar which might be a little hard to find. It boasts of preparing the best shochu collection in Shanghai city. Guests are tended to by two lovely ladies who are always happy to talk about shochu and varying alcohol contents.


This bar is located along the Yongkang Lu Street. It’s a new bar and grants guests a fabulous happy hour from 5 pm to 9 pm. During the happy hour, cocktails cost 35RMB while beers cost 30RMB.


Le Café Des Stagiaires (LCDS)

So far, this is the most popular bar among the French. It’s run by successful French entrepreneurs and has a few branches across Shanghai.

Captain Bar

This bar is located along the Bund and offers low-priced drinks (rum and coke at 45 RMB and gin and tonic at 50 RMB). It also offers a great view for foreigners and locals. Their food is just OK – go for chicken wings and pepperoni pizza.


While in China, everything is just different from what is offered at your home country’s Chinese restaurants. Ensure that you explore the country and enjoy the Chinese culture.