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Working in Beijing is great!

I decided that I would return to China and started looking for a job. LaowaiCareer website came up during my search, so I registered on the job site. Jane Tian, who is a member of the LaowaiCareer team sent me an email suggesting a few jobs. Jane was extremely helpful and pointed me in the direction.

The application and interview process is so much easier than I expected with LaowaiCareer. They put my application forward to the employer; I was interviewed and hired within a week!

LaowaiCareer gave me all the tips to fill out and upgrade my CV. I used the Career Advice blog “How to Write a Spectacular ESL Resume“, to give me an advantage and make my CV more attractive to prospective Chinese employers.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree, an ESL Certificate to teach English and I am proficient in Microsoft Office. I have seven months of teaching experience, which includes my training. Also, and this is a feather in my cap, I am fluent in Mandarin and have a working level of Chinese proficiency.

Why work in China?

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China has always held a particular interest for me as I lived here as a student studying abroad. Before coming to China on my first visit, I did my homework, so on this occasion, it was easy to make the decision to return as I knew all the basics and had a good understanding of what to expect.

I have been here for a few weeks, and already I feel like a member of the team. The Company where I work operates as a tight-knit family, and we all look out for one another. There is no question of anyone feeling left out or having to struggle to understand; both in the workplace and in the social interaction. Everyone, both colleagues, and employers have given me lots of guidance and assistance in setting up classwork and lesson plans.

I did not need to be picked up from the airport, so I made my own way to the office. I must say the accommodation provided is far better than expected.

One of the major differences I have found between Chinese colleagues and the US is most of the company employees take a nap during break times. In the western culture, this isn’t a common practice. Perhaps we Westerners should work at it and get some “downtime” during the day!

Beijing is Friendly

I feel very comfortable living in China, and there has never been a moment when I felt threatened or unwelcome walking or traveling around Beijing. The air pollution is not so bad now, but I do know from experience that having a good supply of “Smog Masks” is a part of daily life here. To my mind, there are no downsides to working and living in China, and I encourage everyone who is looking for a new experience in a friendly environment to give it a go!

Thanks again for helping me to find such a good job.

Best Regards,

Matthew H. Moran

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