Everyone has friends, and they are a vital part of our life, and good friends should be like a second family whom we share our every secret with. Friends come and go in every stage of a person’s life but often the case is that during the college days the friends you make are most probably the ones you will stay in contact with your entire life.

The age when we start our college is the one where a person has a lot to share with his friends and that strengthens the bond between two people. At this time friends share a lot of memories to think of at a later stage in their lives. This article is written for the same purpose that there are some things you won’t forget about your college friends even when the cogs of time cause many memories to fade.

They made every moment special

College Friends

With friends, a person enjoys every moment because they make it very special. College friends while sharing the educational university experience, share so much with you that you remember it for your a lifetime. An ordinary day can feel special when you have caring friends with you to share that day with. Remember the time when the professor was ranting on a boring subject and one of the friends cracks a joke.

They saw you at your worst and still accepted you for who you are

There were times when you were down and they came through for you and held you up. They saw you at your worse and they knew who you really are and what mess you can be and they stayed with you despite all that. They never let you feel bad about yourself but supported you and showed you your good side. The memories of a bad breakup must still be so vivid in your mind but do you probably still remember how your friends helped you come out of it.

You could act weird in front of each other

You could totally share your weird side with them, do stupid things with each other and you never cared what others would think of you. Now you remember how comfortable you felt with them. You planned stupid stuff and then went for it. Even if it was a total fail that didn’t stop you from doing all that again and again. The regular trips to the nightclubs and picking up blind dates was a funny experience, right.

College Friends

You could share everything with them

It felt good that there was always someone you could share your feelings with and tell them all the things you could not tell anyone else and stay comfortable with them. They shared everything with you as well, and you advised each other to do or not to do different things. For example, the career choices and which cute girl or boy to ask out on a date was decided with the help of your college friends.

You knew every secrets about each other

You knew each and every secret about each other from the tastes of your coffee to the mood the other person was in. Because you spent so much time together, you knew exactly how the other person would respond to something. The cup of coffee shared together led to all secrets being told at one go.

The stupid fights

College Friends

You fought over things which you don’t even remember now but at that time they seemed so big that you decided not to talk to each other for days. After some time you realised that you could not live without each other so you decided to talk again and sort things out and then laugh at them later on. The confusion over who took the extra bagel from fun made up for a hilarious memory.

You grew up together

That time is the one when you think of so much to do with your lives. You spent that time together and saw each other growing into what you are now. Remember the time spent on discussing the latest fashion trends and the hottest guys/girls in town.

You were ready to fight for each other

If someone said something bad about your friend, you were always there to fight for them no matter who it was. You could not let someone else insult your friend and get away with it. You were there to support them, and they were there too when you needed them, and you used to take your little revenge together. So punishing the bully of the class in the middle of the night was such fun thanks to your college friends.

You did nothing together for hours

You used to meet without knowing that what you will do after that so you just sat there doing nothing, not even talking for hours. I mean, every one of us did that with our friends. To meet up without any reason just to spend some time together because life seemed so boring without them right. The treks and camping out were nice past times.
The Group studies

All of us remember our college friends, and we miss that time so much now and want to go back through time and live that life again. This is how friends during the college will be remembered, and it is one of the best times of our lives for sure.

College Friends

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