Different U.S. states have different laws on firearms and guns. With the rising criminality and abuses nowadays, you may already know someone who has a stun gun with him inside his bag or pockets. Apart from pepper sprays, guns are one of the most preferred devices for protection. Despite its small size, it is a powerful device that can temporarily incapacitate an intruder, an abductor or a perpetrator. However, it tends not to be so simple to own such weapons because there are laws associated with its ownership. Thus, it is vital to know these laws before thinking of owning one.

Most importantly, you need to be familiar with the specific laws and legislation concerning guns. You have to be familiar with them to avoid getting into trouble. If you are unfamiliar with the basic laws concerning its ownership, then read this article to have an overview on its use and ownership. Even though some nations permit their citizens to own one for self-defense and protection, China has outlawed them.

Some foreign countries allow citizens to easily obtain and carry a gun, which the U.S. in infamous for, however the laws vary from state to state. Some states even require a person to undergo a complete criminal records and background check before he/she is allowed to buy one. More so, before buying one, you need to ensure that you buy the tool from an accredited, licensed and registered dealer. In China, people having firearms in their possession is contrary to law.

According to US gun laws, you should also remember that these devices are not allowed on board any airplanes. If you are bringing it with you during your travel, be sure to declare it properly and place with your other belongings. Moreover, retailers are not allowed to sell these devices to individuals below 18 years old and they should not possess these items. However, you should not bring a gun to China because again, it is illegal.

Firearms and gun ownership have been highly controlled in China since the establishment of the Republic of China. The primary statute concerned with the regulation of firearms is Firearms-Control Law. This law has been implemented since October 1, 1996. The Criminal Law governs all criminal offenses that are related to firearms and gun violence in China. The Criminal Law is responsible for giving harsh penalties for violating gun control. Illegal possession of any gun is punishable by criminal detention, police supervision, or a fixed-term imprisonment of up to seven years. So please, keep your gun out of China to avoid any harsh penalties.

Illegally manufacturing, transporting, mailing, trading, or storing military guns, non-military guns, military bullets, grenades, or any other explosive devices that might cause damage is punishable by law. A fixed-term imprisonment of ten years or more, life imprisonment, or death is the punishment. The same punishments are imposed for robbery or theft of firearms and/or using guns to commit robbery.

There are three categories of “work units” in which civilian use of firearms is permitted:

1. Sports units that specifically engage in shooting sports, and also for profit shooting ranges, that are set up with the legal approval of provincial government authorities.

2. Wildlife protection, breeding, and research institutions, if firearms are needed for their operations.

3. Hunting grounds that are set up with the legal approval of provincial government authorities.

4. Individual herdsmen living in pastoral areas and hunters are allowed to apply to county-level public security bodies in their area for getting permission for carrying hunting rifles. To do so, they should present their processed hunting licenses, where applicable, and identification cards.
Civilian gun ownership is highly restricted to authorized, non-individual entities, such as sporting organizations, authorized hunting, wildlife and reserves protection organizations.

There is a national system that prevents people from going state to state to purchase guns because that person was denied access to one in their state. These China gun control laws are of the utmost importance in Chinese society as they help avoid gun violence.

China is more thorough in including relevant information into the national database. People’s mental health records, if available should be included into the criminal background check system. This is because if this information is available, most of the tragic shootings may not take place. Tragedies increase when more people carry guns. Gun control would be in the best interest for all. Having stricter gun laws means there will be fewer deaths. Statistics have shown that thousands of people are murdered with guns.

Public safety should be the main concern when it comes to gun control, and gun regulations are enforced well in China. As a foreigner, do not think that you are immune to the law. You are a guest with the same societal expectations as everyone else. China is a very safe country, even in cities like Beijing. Of course, you should still exercise some caution, but don’t worry about getting shot or needing to defend yourself. The likeness is small unless you put yourself into risky situations.