In a typical organization, the employees usually work from morning until night having break time between working hours. It depends on the nature of the organization and whether they give a break to their employees or not. Some organizations don’t have break times, and they focus only on their work. This focus leads to overworking and in this case it may lead to mistakes in the workplace. To work continuously in the job without any break may lead to overwhelming; insomnia etc. and it may lead to exhaustion and job dissatisfaction.

Long hours do not mean to do good work. In fact, working continuously without breaks ultimately reaches a point where you can’t focus on the task. During the working hours, employees need some break to refresh their minds. Breaks re-energizes the employees and give them the ability to think more. It’s the duty of management to give breaks in the form of refreshment, incentives, free time, exercises and many other forms to refresh the employee’s minds. Here are some types of breaks that would help employees stay refreshed.

Lunch break:
Usually in the organization, colleagues are supposed to have lunches with each others. Sometimes the organizations have the cafeteria where they offer lunches to their employees and employers refresh their minds, and they talk about various issues in the informal environment. It’s the right of employees to have meal breaks during the working hours. On the other hand, it’s the duty of management to provide employees this basic facility.

Rest time:
Many times employees feel overwhelmed when they work continuously, and they can’t focus on their work because of exhaustion. All they need is some rest time and a room where they can take rest for few minutes and refresh themselves. Management is supposed to give employees some time and space to refocus and rest for a little while.

It’s at the management’s discretion if they provide breaks or compensation benefits to their employees to refresh them. Compensations may help increase the employee satisfaction and willingness to work more for the organizations. By giving employees the compensation for the work they do. Top management may increase the productivity and efficiency of the organization.

Gym or exercising:
Some organizations have the gym and exercise unit where employees can relax by having some exercise space. They can exercise there and have some personal time which enables the employees to think more to concentrate on their work. It’s the duty of the management to provide the employees this unit and stay motivated because of the additional facilities provided.

Prayer break:
As the world is becoming a global village people from all the religions and ethnicities may work in an organization. So, it’s the duty of management to give prayer break to their employees if needed. Some employees need this break while others don’t need it. This break can also be considered as a refocusing and rest time. Also, it also increases the employee concentration and attention to the work.

Why are these breaks necessary in the jobs?

Breaks are the tools that give an opportunity to the employees to think more and focus on the work. It refreshes their minds. Breaks may lead to positive consequences in the organizations that are discussed below:

Increase in Productivity:
When an employee is allowed to have a few minutes break. He or she may be able to focus more on their work. This ultimately leads to productivity where the employees pay more attention to the work, and it is directly linked with the productivity that would be increased.

Decision making:
Decisions should be taken at that time when the employee is relaxed and focused. If you are restless, you may not be able to think and take better decision. It better if the decision makers are properly rested and relaxed when they come across a difficult situation. This may lead to better, and well thought decisions and the chances of mistakes may be reduced.

Boost up creativity and passion:
Whatever the work environment is, if the employee is taking break or rest time between the work it ultimately increases in the creativity and passion of the work. To think more creatively and out of the box and cleverly to solve the problems at hand.

Lowers stress:
Overwork may lead to stress as found in the research. This problem can be solved if the employees are given a break between their works. It could lead to lower stress, and the employees may be able to work without any health or mental problem in the longer run.

All they need is to have some break during working hours.

In short, these forms of break could increase productivity, empowerment, creativity, and innovation, better decision making, and reduced stress.