Key tendencies of the education process in China

The Chinese economy has been developing very actively in recent decades. The significant role in this process played the system of education, global research, the introduction of new innovations, etc. Chinese universities have consistently occupied high positions in prestigious international rankings. They have unquestionable authority not only in Asia but also throughout the world.

China is a promising developing country. Educational programs in China are becoming increasingly popular among young people from different parts of the planet. As a result of the rapid growth of the economy, an increase in the interest of students in the study of the language and getting higher education in China is natural. One of the key factors is the level of general and professional education of citizens that constantly grows. This is confirmed by world-renowned ratings.

The system of higher education in China is regulated by the state on the basis of strategic priorities  implementation and tasks of socio-economic policy and also taking into account the forecasts of the technological development of the global economy.

In recent years, the Chinese educational authorities have been trying to intensify the development of higher education, greatly expanding the state order for the training of specialists, stimulating the introduction of educational technologies, providing grants support for young scientists. At the same time, the development of the magistracy becomes more active.

Chinese higher education institutions provide three educational qualification levels in the preparation of specialists:

– Bachelor level (term of study – 4-5 years);

– Master’s level (term of studies – 2-3 years);

– PhD level (term of study – 3-5 years)

In China, more and more attention is being paid to strengthening the link between higher education institutions with research centers and real production. There is a tendency to increase the specialization of education; individual programs are based on the requests of specific employers or even a large corporation.

The programs for early detection and support of talented students, young scientists, inventors, etc., and support of their career growth have been developed because skilled, talented youth meets the needs of the knowledge economy in skilled frames and enhances the competitiveness of the country.

Actually, a talented graduate of the university or the candidate of sciences in China, who was sent to study abroad, upon returning is guaranteed a certain level of wages, as well as living and working conditions at the level of foreign colleagues in the best educational or business centers of developed countries.

PhD Study in China

In recent years, the number of foreign students who have arrived in China to get a higher education has increased dramatically. This, in turn, has directly raised the educational standards of China education to an extremely high level, where perfection and accuracy are what the students seek. After successful graduating and getting Master`s degree, students are allowed to receive doctoral programs and as a result Ph.D. degree. It also should be mentioned, that China has the largest number of Ph.D. graduates all over the world every year leaving behind even the USA.

Ph.D. graduate students in China.

Ph.D. or Doctor of Science is a postgraduate program, after successful completion of which, graduates are awarded a Ph.D. degree that indicates a completed higher education. There are a number of disciplines and programs due to which candidates can receive the PhD degree all over the world and which offer the first-class education in their area. Ph.D. programs prepare students for work in the field of education, research, public sector and industry.

Requirements for admission to Ph.D. programs vary considerably depending on the country, the university and the program itself. Most Ph.D. programs require students to have a master’s degree, but some require only a bachelor’s degree. Most often, the duration of the programs is at least 3 or 4 years, the curriculum includes a combination of term papers and research, and in some cases graduate students should teach courses for students and prepare publications. The main part of the Ph.D. program is a dissertation or thesis research that will then be published.  Such work should be a valuable contribution to this industry, after its writing, it is necessary to protect the work in front of a group of experts.

Career opportunities for PhD holders in China

The prestigious Ph.D. degree offered by Chinese institutions provide a set of better career alternatives in all branches of the industry. Students with a Ph.D. degree are more attractive as they have more experiences in exploration and progress and they can also provide global views and thorough understanding of leading modern technologies.

Really, the most important argument for those who plan to study in China is that there are broad career prospects open to graduates. Western students who have received Ph.D. degree in China, and therefore invaluable experience and understanding of the culture, language and business characteristics of this country, are invited not only to well-known international companies with offices around the world but also to local Chinese organizations working with Western markets.

But unfortunately reality does not always correspond to our illusions, and not everyone can succeed in working in large international companies. Today an employment policy has changed from welcoming nearly all foreign-trained Ph.D. holders to initially enrolment of potential academic leaders or those with significant academic achievements.

A typical career path for scholars in China begins with a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master and then a Ph.D. Most graduates with Ph.D. degree are assigned to the position of a lecturer. After two years of work, they have the opportunity to become an associate professor and continue their research work.

Career path for graduates with Ph.D. degrees in China.

But international Ph.D. graduates in China choose another alternative very often. Besides, many of them search even for non-academic work vacancies. According to the progress in IT world and mobile internet services sphere, there is a range of good opportunities and positions available. For example, the work of the writer (rewriter, copywriter) is in great demand today because new sites appear every day and they need qualitative content. The Internet industry is a high-tech business, for the development of which responsible must be professionals of the appropriate level.

Foreign students and Ph.D. holders in China usually work in online writing services, such as Ph.D. Dissertation writing service or Dissertation Writing Service from Ph.D. writers etc., helping students to write their research works in English because they are native speakers and professionals.

Of course, this is a good opportunity because global competition and high demands to the employee today complicate the process of finding work and achieving success. And it concerns absolutely all spheres. Then what effective methods can foreign students use to implement their professional ambitions and goals? If you work in the academic field, then the availability of such a prerogative as a Ph.D. degree is a peculiar key to success. It is evidence of high intellectual abilities and intellectual potential of a person. It also means that the candidate has skills in collecting and processing of information, that he is able to draw the right conclusions and make the right decisions even in a critical situation. All these associations are justified because for writing and designing a scientific article or dissertation it is necessary not only to know the theoretical foundations of a certain subject but also to carry out a wide range of scientific researches. Therefore, this alternative is very suitable for Ph.D. holders.

Today, such services are popular, because to order a dissertation – this is the choice of rational people who seek to succeed and do so with minimal loss of time and efforts. The task of such services is to help the customers at all stages of obtaining a degree: from the writing of the dissertation and ending with effective support in solving the necessary organizational issues. Thanks to the services of such companies, the writing of a dissertation on request have become a simple and correct solution to the difficult task and the work of the dissertation writer so actual. In addition, such services guarantee not only the quality of work but also its uniqueness. It is also a great advantage for the writing service when all studies are conducted by candidates and doctors of sciences, who have extensive experience in this field, as well as special skills that allow providing a competent and professional approach to every order.


So, one explanation for the “Chinese miracle” is the education system that exists in this country. Education in China is free for its citizens, and training programs in schools and universities are under strict state control. This, however, does not prevent the Chinese system from responding quickly to the challenges of the outside world and adapting to the requirements of the changing international labor market, the fierce competition from foreign professionals.

It is not surprising fact that most of the international Ph.D. holders in China realize themselves as experienced and qualified writers of academic researchers as they have two major priorities: the knowledge of English language and awareness in their specialty.