If anyone is aspiring to work and live in China, leading a lavish lifestyle, and in the process experiencing the beauty of China, this is the right place to be. We are going to explore the prospects of China’s economic growth with the view of helping our reader (probably a young foreigner) identify what’s Booming: hottest industries in China to work/intern for. Note that China’s economy today has a huge bearing on the most prospective jobs, employment opportunities and the general way of life greatly determining how an individual enjoys his or her stay in the country.

Economic and Employment/Internship Opportunities

Employment activities are closely linked to a country’s economy in that, when the economy is booming, employment opportunities rise as well. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures economic activity and is equivalent to a country’s economic production or output. The potential output shows what the economy can produce when resources (including human resources) are at optimum capacity. When GDP is growing, employment opportunities grow as well. China GDP growth that has been witnessed in the recent past implies that employment opportunities are also growing.

History of China’s Economic Growth

China’s economy has been rising for the past couple of decades, effectively showing the impact of opening up an economy to the international society. Consequently, over the same period, China has undergone a shift from a hugely agrarian society to an opportunity-laden industrial powerhouse. In the process, China as a country has experienced a sharp increase in job opportunities for both its citizens and foreigners alike-, productivity, and most importantly in wages. The country, therefore, has always been the county of choice for anyone intending to work in a rewarding and promising economic environment.

Future prospects

China economy news has in the recent past reported that experts and analysts anticipate Chinese economy continuing to see relative vigorous growth levels. This is good news for all China’s current and prospective workers. Opportunities can only emerge for the new entrants while for the current foreign employees, working terms and conditions are bound to improve. That China economic timeline is full of events that all point to a country full of potential and with a history of massive commercial breakthrough serves to paint a positive image.

So, what’s Booming in China?

While there is a general growth across several the industries, there are specific industries that have shown extraordinary growth, and any person who wishes to establish their career in China would find such industries not only fulfilling but also worth committing their future too. Below we look at each and every industry, paying particular attention to the current opportunities, future potential, and availability of internship opportunities which will greatly benefit young potential employees who would like to first intern and after that secure employment.

TEFL Field

TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) employment opportunities have for long been the most attractive job opportunities, especially for young foreigners. The most attractive part of these jobs lies in the fact that they attract attractive remuneration, has bright future thanks to China’s legacy of being the most populous nation all over the world which translates into high future potential and places where such schools are situated. TEFL jobs are mostly offered in huge cities throughout China. Beautiful scenery, rich history coupled with the truly magnificent cuisine, are just some of the benefits of working in such cities in China.

Business Field

Given China’s melodramatic and evolving role as the most vibrant economy in the world, it is no surprise that China is now at a pivotal position in business matters. Many undergraduate students are, therefore, now skipping summers on the beach for an internship in Shanghai or Beijing with one main goal: To gain invaluable international work experience guaranteed to help them secure a job. Being one of the fastest growing economies globally, China is an ideal country for one to gain expertise in a global environment. The environment provides a challenging yet fulfilling setting that is dynamic and hence conducive for professional growth and development.

Au Pair Field

Opting to venture into this field to experience life in China’s various provinces. It will allow an individual to get first-hand insights into Chinese Culture and lifestyle through a carefully selected Chinese family! Becoming Au Pair enables one to access to Chinese Mandarin classes and a wide variety of opportunities to link up with au pairs from all over the world the ultimate exchange experience. As many and many families immigrate to China to take advantage of its growing economy, this au pair field is bound to grow. There is no other better way of learning a country’s language and way of life than working with children. Besides, children are fun to work with, so this field offers a perfect opportunity to attain fulfillment and enjoy your stay in China.

Service Industries

Readily available labor, vast modern factories as well as an unparalleled building spree has been acknowledged to have driven China’s economic breakthrough in the past. While times are fast changing, efforts are always put in place to ensure that new fields are ventured into to diversify drivers of the economic. It is no wonder; that service industry is now making up a better percentage of the country’s economy as barbers, baristas, baby, and sitters the likes become new growth drivers increasing job opportunities in this field a great deal.

Internship Organizers

On account of the several factors making China the ultimate employment destination, business is booming for the several course organizers, as more and more students opt to secure their internships in China. This is a win-win situation since also students stand to gain immensely from the services and placement opportunities availed by the organizers. Depending on a student’s preference, they may choose to go paid internships or free internships. Either type comes with unique benefits and opportunities, and will require straightforward explanations by the organizers for an individual to settle for one. In a nut-shell, pain type tends to be easy to acquire while paid for enables a student to be self-reliant.


China’s economy is a force to reckon with. After almost a century of political upheaval and poverty, it’s emergence as the second largest economy in the world is simply incredible. With industry leading industries in all fields establishing bases in China, work experience and possibilities are bound to boom. The country, therefore, provides firsthand knowledge of futuristic companies guaranteed to boost one’s resume besides exposing them to the most formidable economies in the world.