Bracing yourself for an upcoming interview may be quite a hectic process riddled with a mixture of various emotions. Apart from perfectly mastering the content that the potential employer will likely seek from you, most people often wonder what to wear to an interview.

Ideally, much has been said about making that very first impression on the interviewing panel count and this just heightens the pressures to impress. However, what to wear to an interview should primarily be determined by the general fashion and dress code in the industry one seeks to join. For instance, the industry of banking and financial markets command a more formal sort of wear thereby men are required to dress up in well-cut suits and a tie. Similarly, ladies are expected to wear neat suits complete with official footwear.

On the other hand, most handy work interviews like artistry, masonry, carpentry among others may not necessarily require formal suits but a neatly kept pair of trousers, shirts, jacket or official sweater. Be that as it may, what to wear to an interview, regardless of industry, should be guided by some acceptable practices as discussed below.

Extremely casual wear

All interviews are an opportunity to sell oneself and are seen as a strictly official engagement. Therefore what to wear to an interview should not move away from this critical threshold. Understandably, some workplaces are quite laid back, but there is indeed something as taking the casual concept a bit too far.

It would be highly unacceptable to wear t-shirts, sandals, hats & caps, sporty shoes and similar clothing to interviews regardless of the industry or the level of casual conformity accepted at the particular workplace. Additionally, for men donning a suit, excessively printed shirts and ties bearing a collage of colors may not feature among the list of what to wear to an interview. It is advisable to take matters dressing very seriously and settle for the formal wear and leave the pomp and color to after you have landed the role you are after!

Keep distractions away

what to wear to an interview

Primarily, your main focus as a job seeker is getting the interviewer to give you the role you want, and distractions will serve just the opposite. For women, having clothes that are extremely revealing and wearing shoes with too high of a heel should be discouraged as they may create unnecessary distractions. Similarly, make-up should not border on the extreme. If you look even slightly like the Joker, then wipe it all off and start again. Jewelry and accessories are great compliments to any dressing style, but caution should be taken to avoid overdoing them.

Ornaments that produce jingling and swishing sounds are also not recommended. When it comes to the color of the suits and clothing, black, gray and navy blue are standard colors for what to wear to an interview. Body deodorants, perfumes, and colognes should also be toned down to avoid being a nuisance to other people. If there happen to be anyone being offended by the strong odor from the perfume worn, rest assured they will hurriedly rush the interview just to have you out of their space.

Non-fitting clothes

Interviews are not a day-to-day occurrence, and thus it is possible that one may not have worn their best interview outfits in some while. Therefore, it is advisable that when looking for what to wear to an interview, go through the closet and try putting on the attire to get the feel of how it will look on you.

If it is too fitting, the alternative dressing should be sought. If too big, a visit to the tailor may correct the situation or have another suit as well. Any missing buttons, zippers, unfolded hems should be fixed as these are the little things that may disadvantage a candidate from getting the role being interviewed for. Additionally, one should take care of personal hygiene and not show up for an interview with stained suits or ties. Showing up for a meeting with clothing bearing cat fur will not portray you in the best of light to the interviewers.

Always dress a level higher

what to wear to an interview

When figuring out what to wear to an interview, we have noted that one should not overly dress for it. However, effort should not be spared to dress appropriately. For instance, if going to an interview for a mechanic position, it is not expected to don a greasy overall even with the understanding that that is essentially the day-to-day uniform. A nice pair of pants and well-ironed shirt should do the trick. Dressing well for an interview communicates to the interviewer that you value their workplace and the job itself. In effect, the interviewer is assured that you respect the job, and you may translate the same if hired for the position.

Always ask the dress code

Understandably, it may be very confusing to decide on what to wear to an interview. However, it does not have to end up like this. When an interview is scheduled, you can ask the contact person from the potential employer’s company on what they would advise you to wear to an interview. Having the inside information from the company on the dress code is valuable information that will guarantee that you do not go wrong. Additionally, seeking to find out this information will communicate to the employer that you are very committed to the upcoming role and seriously want to impress by having everything right. When asked to dress casually, care should be taken that you do not over do it.

Most importantly when deciding on what to wear to an interview, the fundamental thing is to use your judgement in assessing what to wear. Fundamentally, do thorough research on the industry and the associated fashion. Avoid anything that is not neat and that which is not clean. Make sure that all the clothes are well ironed. As mentioned, avoid all the excess perfumes and other distracting odors. Colors too should be maintained at the conservative grey, black, and navy blue while avoiding all bright shining colors.

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