Have you ever been in an emergency situation? If the answer is yes, then you must have experienced what it feels to have no options left. Trust me; there is no time to be confused when found in an emergency situation.

Examples of emergency cases:

Being locked in or out of the house

emergency in china

It is normal sometimes for a house lock to malfunction. And believe me, such emergencies often occur when you are in a hurry.

If such a case happens, consider checking with your apartment’s offices. They should have a spare key to your house. Call them to get it, but what if they got no spare key for your house? Well, it doesn’t end there. You will be required to call the Chinese emergency number 911.

Losing items in a taxi

China is one of the busiest countries around. Using the taxi is a popular form of transportation. People often forget their belongings in a taxi. Thus, to avoid such emergencies, people traveling in a taxi in China are always advised to take receipts. Mostly, this receipt will have both the taxi and the driver’s details.

If you lose your belongings in a taxi, take the receipt to the police, and they will contact the taxi driver to get your items back. However, if your items are gone, the taxi company will replace them for you.

The worst scenario is when you lose your item in a taxi but have no receipt. What do you do? Such emergencies won’t be easy to get through. You will be required to track all your footage from when you boarded the taxi until when you alighted. Maybe this might help track the taxi details.

When a pet goes missing

Most of us love pets right? Yes. So what will you do when you visit China with your pet and one day it disappears? First you must register all your pets, which is a policy in China. This will help to find the pet quickly. However, you can print flyers with your pets pictures and name on. Post them all over the boards. More so, use the power of social media, say WeChat and share it with as many people as you can. Trust me; you will find your pet back.

emergency in china

When pick-pocketed

Being confused is dangerous. This mostly happens to foreigners in China who don’t know the routes and direction. In this confused state, a pick-pocketer can take your item without your consent. However, you can avoid this by putting your items in a safe. Don’t take huge amounts of money out in public when you are a foreigner. If something stolen from you is valuable, you can report it to the police who later will try locating the thief on the screen thanks to the CCTV cameras.

Medical emergency

For Western visitors in China, it will be a bit hard for them to use an ambulance in cases of a medical emergency. This is because an ambulance will require payment in cash before transporting you. However, there is a list of medical facilities which is provided by the United States consulate. This is a better option for Western foreigners in China. Payments will be after consultation using credit cards. Again, such services have English speaking people for those who don’t know Chinese.

General emergency

If found in an emergency and you have no options of who can help you out, China has a general emergency police hotline for all the foreigners. You can ask for an English speaking person to help you out.

In conclusion, China is the best place you can ever be. All emergency situations can be handled if you follow all the policies in China. If you are a Western foreigner and need more help in China, visit your nearest embassy and you will be helped.

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