If you are aspiring to get a job as an English Teacher then you will be glad to know that other than your country there are many opportunities in this sector especially in China. Among several other jobs in China for foreigners, teaching English is one of the most lucrative and high paid ones.

The schools in China are trying to cater high-quality English education to their future generation and seeking English speaking candidates who can best serve this purpose. You will be happy to know the teaching English in China salary is lucrative indeed. They are also trying to level up their salaries according to the competitive market and at times they end up paying more than in other places. If you have researched the niche job market well, read about the procedures to follow correctly and applied certain common sense to the applications then you would be able to find yourself a well-paid teaching job. The English teaching job in China that you would get is not just rewarding but you will also gain a lot of experience.

A bachelor’s degree

Having a graduate degree is the minimum qualification that opens the door to millions of people across the world for teaching English in China. The degree needs to be a TEFL or a degree related to education to make it easier for you to find educational jobs. In China, many people with such a degree get management level jobs. To be a classroom teacher, you would require an AA degree which is an exception that is needed in this field jobs.

A TEFL course

Be it an online or offline class, both the mode of teaching is well acceptable in China. In an online class, a person won’t be gaining any kind of practical experience but would understand the theories of English teaching. Government offices do require this course. A TEFL course is required because it opens quite a number of options and unlocks the door to a teaching job in the classroom. Therefore, taking up a 120 hour TEFL online course can help you in a lot of ways.

An Experience in Teaching

To get a job easily in the education field, a person having a teaching experience will have higher chances than the one who is a fresher. It is advised to applicants, not to mention volunteering or tutoring practice as an experience in the resume as the government doesn’t count such a job as an experience. So it is better you get a job experience before applying to teaching jobs in China.

A Professional Personality

Having an energetic and matured personality can be one of the traits the schools of China are looking forward to in the applicant. He or she should be an extrovert and not an introvert and should be friendly and outgoing. The applicant should know how to tackle silly questions asked by children. Fun teachers are always a plus point and students love to interact especially with such a kind. But having fun doesn’t mean you forget the limit that has been marked by a teacher. A teacher who is professional and matured gets all the points on the ranking of a good teacher.

Management Skills

If you are willing to become a classroom teacher, you should be a great manager. By a great manager, I mean someone who can manage a class well. In a private school where classes are being one-to-one lessons, in public schools, it is more of handling a class of sixty students per class. To tackle the students is a task that the teachers should be experienced in. First, find out yourself, which age group you are comfortable in teaching and then move ahead in engaging and encouraging them to study the English language. Adapt yourself according to the age group you are handling and the various levels of ability. To manage young students in a friendly manner, get ready to sing, dance and act.

Fluency in English speaking

It goes without saying, the most important skill required for what it takes to become an English teacher in China, is the fluency that is required for speaking and writing in the English language. It is the most vital point that is going to be evaluated whether you fit the job of an English teacher or not. The candidates from English speaking countries are thus certainly the most eligible candidates for this profession.

Fulfilling the necessary VISA process

You don’t have to worry about your Visa as the school in China you will be working in would arrange the Visa for you. But to make it easier for the schools to complete the process as soon as possible, you would be required to provide all the important papers and complete the paperwork. China is one of the exceptional countries that provides applicants immediate Visa without much hassle. Before you leave you country, receiving a Visa would act as a relief to move further ahead with the work permit. The ‘Z’ working visa which needs the signature of the applicant is what the government of China has come up with to avoid uninvited foreigners teaching in the country with a tourist visa. To make sure besides your Visa, you know where you would stay is also at times arranged by the schools.

China, a growing nation is bringing across several teaching opportunities for foreign teachers by offering them a better pay package. The nation is becoming modern in terms of civilization and is spiking huge demands for English teachers among other China jobs. While earlier people considered teaching jobs in UK, USA or in France, now China has also marked its position in the market by outshining the rest of the world countries providing great teaching opportunities for foreign teachers.

Now that you know what it takes to become an English teacher in China make sure you are up for it before you take up a job. Consider the given requirements you would require for a job in China, research well about the living condition and other requisite conditions and then go ahead to find a job. Working in China, one of the top economical countries in the world is going be worth it. In order to teach in China, prepare yourself to adjust and adapt to a new culture and give your teaching career a fresh start. China is beautiful and teaching in a beatified country is going to be all the more awesome!


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