Whether you are a fresher or a professional looking to switch career, job hunt and job interviews are always something of a mountain to climb, with no idea of what weather to expect and obstacles to be faced!

But, with the emergence of the digital age, the research over job interviews and connecting to the interviewers have become so easy that you can almost get a fair deal of ideas on what is to come next or at least know the better part of the first few rounds of your interview.

Let us look at some numbers, Off the total workforce on the planet only 30% are active job seekers and the bulk of 70% workforce are passive job seekers. Well!, these numbers are encouraging for any job seeker as there is less competition to face. But, is that the total truth? 

Actually NO! Because 87% of active and passive job seekers are open for new job opportunities. So, there is more competition than you can think of! So, the first thing to do to cope up with competition is to forget about competition and concentrate on the product – Yourself. A job interview is a marketing opportunity for yourself, better you market, better are your chances!

So, now that you know you need to market yourself, let us discuss how can you do so?

1.   Job Description: 

A good example of a professionally written job description that really work!

Job descriptions are like signboards on highways! They always help you know which way to go. Job descriptions have vital information that a job seeker needs. If you are a job seeker you need to discover the following information on the job description page.

  • Role
    The role you need to be playing in the current business operations of the employer and how this role will affect the business on the whole?
  • Responsibilities
    Responsibilities pertaining to your role in the organizations, which will define your activities and the amount of work you need to put into it.
  • Eligibility Criteria
    This is another important aspect as it clearly defines your eligibility for the job interview. Here, you need to make a checklist on the positive points and negative points that you can focus on and avoid respectively during the actual interview based on eligibility criteria.
  • Skills Required
    This is the place where you will know, the actual skills you require for the role in your employer’s organization. Look specifically for any certifications or specified courses requires to be pursued as the same can be projected in your resume as well as the interview.
  • Employment Type
    On the need to know basis, just tap into this information to know whether the employment is full-time or part-time as it will help you choose better.
  • Industry Type
    This will help you get a proper grasp on the type of market or business you are joining and will make you prepare accordingly.
  • Experience Required
    Another important information for the job seekers as this will determine the job to be entry-level or a ted higher.

2.   The Right Skill Set: 

Skills that are required by a particular job

As you browse through the job description and skill set required by the employer, you get a clear picture of all the skills required, now there are two aspects to this issue of you representing your skillset to the fullest.

  1. If you are a fresher and you have those basic skills into your kitty, you need to get an overview of the advanced skill set as you can’t just be a pro in a fortnight!
  2. If you are the experienced campaigner, you must be in on the advanced skills needed for the interview and for that you need a tour back to your basics as that might let you down on the D-day(Interview Day).

3.   The Company Profile:

It's essential for any company to have a good profile.

Knowing the company you are about to join is quite essential to your selection process, as many recruiters try to know from the job seekers about how much they know about the company and about what they do?

Checking in on the company profile and web portals can provide vital information about your employer’s works, clients and company culture. The company culture will determine many important factors about the way you need to address the interview. 

Whether you should go for formal attire, disciplined behavior or a casual approach can be determined by examining the company culture. These days each company has a dedicated website page for its company culture, other activities and celebration photos to give you a clear idea about the way your should approach your interview.

4.   Job Interview Questionnaire: 

Be prepared for job interview questions.

This is the ultimate nightmare or an opportunity, based on the approach you keep, but, there are some ways to approach this situation the right way!

  • Make a list of all the questions that you can think of.
  • Try and answer them by writing the best answers you can come up with.
  • Search for more questions online.
  • Use mobile apps such as Interview Questions and Answers, HR Interview questions, and many such apps available on smartphones.
  • Think of the company profile, type of work, role, and responsibilities and then come up with possible questions – For example, if you are a developer or a programmer and you are appearing for an interview at a mobile app development company, questions will be based more on programming or app infrastructure.
  • Look for common questions that are asked in any industry like – “Why would you like to join us?” or if you are switching careers, the common question would be, “Why would you like to change your career to this discipline/ market?”, be careful with you answers as it can mean life and death for your selection.

5.   Marketing Yourself: 

Be ready to rehearsal on how things can go with the interview.

As you inch closer to your interview there are certain marketing strategies to your job interview that you should never miss:

  • Mock Interviews: If you are a fresher and this is your first interview, you need a thorough rehearsal on how things can go with the interview. Use a friend to conduct a mock interview.
  • Resume Building: First impression of your profile is your resume and it should have all it takes to make your selection worth it! The most important parts are Skills, Soft skills, Leadership skills, experience, workshops, achievements, etc. Place these things above your common qualifications and personal information.

    Another method of resume building is the addition of additional certifications to your skillset and this can’t be done in a fortnight, though you can take an online course or certification to add to your resume.
  • Basics of Job Interviews: Understand, prepare and execute the basics of a job interview. On the interview day, wake up early and prepare yourself for the interview, never have a sleepless night before the interview if possible as it can make you go total blank on an incoming question.

    Remember to reach early, if the address is not reachable or confusing, keep your recruiter or someone from the HR office in contact. The best option is using Linkedin or E-mails for exchanging the contact information. Once you reach the office, relax and wait for your turn without any anxiety on your face.
  • Negotiate: Like any other marketplace, getting a job is not different at all, most recruiters will offer you a package and you will think on the financial side and say yes. But, there lies the other side of the job interviews, many think that saying no to a job is wrong.

    In reality, you should be in touch with other job seekers and professionals in the same field to know the market remuneration rates. Once you know, the worth, you should always look to negotiate the final package you will be hired on and never think of a non-negotiable scenario, just to impress your employer.

    Remember the fact that you are marketing yourself and, you need to get your worth for which you are marketing.
  • Onboarding and Followups:  If you are told to wait for a particular time period for a response from the employer or you are told that they will contact you once they decide on the candidate they want to hire, you should follow it up to get the right knowledge of your selection.

    And if you are selected – Kudos! By the way! You should ask for all the information you can get regarding the onboarding process of the company. Information on documents, valid ID proofs and banking IDs for the onboarding process should be taken.


According to Laowaicareer – Top recruiter site in China, there are three major factors for people to accept a new job – Hiring Statistics

  • Compensation-49%
  • Professional Development -33%
  • Better Work/life balance-29%

Whatever your reason is for your next big job interview, you need to prepare for the same with zest and approach that can outsmart a market full of competitors.

But, then if you ever get rejected – Though this may not happen at all! Never be discouraged, but, practice these five simple ways and come out stronger than ever to get a more promising and lucrative job that your prior attempt, as they say, those who try never fail! And those who don’t try…. Well! There is no hope for them!

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