China is the leader in the world trade, the largest exporter, the largest provider of most products and goods, rapidly supplanted all other countries. It is China which sets the tone of products supply and various services. In China, you could find new ideas, new commodities, observe the niche for services and teach from the experience of leading entrepreneurs to improve your own business.

The current state of the Chinese economy is one of the most important characteristics of this country. There are huge money flows rotating in Chinese megacities, promoting the development of creative industries. Some industries are still in their early stages of improvement, providing plenty of opportunities for those who want to take advantage of them.

For now, we want to tell you everything you need to know if you are interested in developing your business. As in the USA, China also has many specialties of providing business.

There are hundreds of books written about making a business career in China. “Laowai” gives you brilliant opportunity to find good proposition for your career. The website provides ready prepositions with for foreigners to break the language barrier and expand their business to a significant level.

If you are right on the first stage of providing your entrepreneur career, note that in China there is a shortage of qualified professional in different spheres. Large infrastructures create demand for such professions as architect and design engineer, as well as high demand in the pharmaceutical industry because local and foreign companies are investing a lot of money in their inventing.

Who Needs a Chinese Travel Agency When You Have Job Fairs?

There is a job fair for foreigners organized three times a year with the participation of Chinese government. Applicants have a unique opportunity to meet personally with all prospective employers. It is also one of the most important moments in your job seeking period when you can get many contacts, or “guanxi”.

Chinese organizations understand that it is not that easy to invite foreigners to work in their company. There’s also needed to create satisfied conditions for living in the city for their families and children, and there is much done for workers in this direction.

Many cities open shops, restaurants of European and national cuisine, provide education for foreigner children, including international average IB school (international standard of training in secondary schools, a diploma which take the best universities of the world), the medical centers of the European level, and other organizations, without which a foreigner would be uncomfortable to live in China.

Travel China During Your Free Time as a Teacher

If you are young, you would be interested in education opportunities in China so far, and you will enjoy. Foreigners younger than 30 years shall look for qualified studying, rather than earn money first. For older job seekers we can propose look for a better position, which will enable practice of a wide range of industries.

So, what is about education in China and is that a good springboard for your career? Most companies do not have special training programs because the situation in China is changing so fast that any training becomes simply meaningless. You should, first of all, look for a position that will give you a lot of experience in sales and marketing – here you will learn the necessary skills to be a useful worker. Get yourself qualified leader who has a proven track record in China market and who will become your mentor. CEOs in China often change their place of work, so you need to make sure you’ve found such a boss who will teach you for a long term.

It is the best beginning if you have started your career in your native country. The market in China is still developing rapidly, and standards are often changed. Young professionals who intercede to work immediately, first of all, acquire a greater degree of their profession skills, and experience in solving problems in business and legal inconsistencies.

Don’t Just Visit China, Move to China!

For those foreigners who worked in China and wanted to continue their career in other countries, working experience in the Chinese market will be a very great advantage so far

And most importantly, we should not consider moving to China and the job search, if you have not learned Chinese. If you do not understand Chinese, it means that you have no chance to understand Chinese. Yes, English has become the lingua franca of China native inhabitants and the rest of the world. But if you know Chinese, it will allow you to fully appreciate China and its mentality. Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin once joked that China is now more English than in the US, what is certainly true.

Higher education in China is free, but the budget form involves a rigorous selection and a limited number of seats, so most of the students are studying on a commercial basis. Some paid training in China, which cost an average of $ 2,000 per year, are more accessible in some European countries.

The main teaching language is Chinese. So, the training is preceded by a 1-2-year course of study Chinese language. The level of proficiency for admission to a language course does not matter.

All universities of the country are national, but their programs vary because Chinese universities are famous for its narrow specializations in contrast to the Western counterparts.

Of course, you can expect to find an interpreter job or work related to sales of goods and services to other foreigners, but you will lose part of the fun that is associated with the work in other countries – the opportunity to learn from them.

Fly to China and Work as an English Teacher to Get Your Foot in the Door

One of the best ways to start a career in China – is teaching language courses in university. While you’ll learn Chinese for a semester or two, you can get acquainted with the culture of China and, most importantly, you will begin to build relationships with people ( “guanxi”), which later will help you to find a job in China.

China – is the perfect place to build a career with its growth opportunities. With “Laowai” you can easily find any job in China and participate in a period of dynamic economic growth in this country.