This eye-catching movie looks behind the scenes at Steve Jobs’s three key product launches. It begins with the late Apple co-founder freaking out minutes before introducing the Macintosh computer in 1984, because his team couldn’t get it to say hello. These are the qualities that we remember him for and, as we all know now: his technological ideas were an obsession.

The 2015 Steve Jobs movie overall

Steve Jobs portrays the man as he was in real life. He was coldly dismissive of the people closest to him and those who really loved him. The film, by director Danny Boyle, portrays Jobs as a fascinating contradiction. It also highlights his attention to detail and demand for perfection. The audience comes to see how he carefully micro-managed everything around him.

I have taken the time to carefully evaluate this film and come up with some thoughts on it. No movie can claim to accurately recreate historical events but once you realize this, you might forgive some of its mistakes. The Steve Jobs movie is a dramatization, based on stuff that really happened.

It captures rapid-fire dialogue, sometimes with two conversations going on at the same time. This personally reminds me of the new hit series on Netflix called Billions. The movie also gets small emotional moments right. Some of the best moments here are between Steve and his daughter.

A masterful movie

For me the casting, directing and editing is masterful. I personally liked the idea of shooting in different formats to show changing times. The flashbacks show the drama on screen perfectly. All the cast members do a fine job, if not a perfect job, especially Seth Rogen, who has the role of Steve Wozniak and Michael Fassbender, who plays Steve Jobs.

The script for Steve Jobs is perfectly written and creates a nice flow in the overall plot. The dialogue, as I mentioned earlier, and the passing of time is top notch. The story is told in a unique way, dividing it into three parts which work to its advantage. Danny Boyle does some fantastic work, but maybe it was thanks to the script he was working with.

Well paced

The two hours of running time pass pleasurably by. Like some people, I have to admit that the name Steve Jobs never really had that much interest for me. For others, it is a name that lights up the room and conjures up inspiration and pride.

However, the Steve Jobs movie was enjoyable due to its fast pace, scene changes and dialogue. In the end, for me, the movie was enjoyable and gave me an insight into what the man was like.

Many people argue Steve Jobs’s character. Some say he was good, others dislike him. Whichever it is, his intelligence and genius made him who he was. All I can say is watch the movie and make your own decision. You won’t regret it.

I would also like to mention that I am personally not a huge Apple fan. I feel that their products, despite their sophisticated technology, are way overpriced. However, this bias and feeling towards his products does not mean the movie is unwatchable.

I found the movie very enlightening, especially as I am a young entrepreneur, looking to try something different in the constantly changing employment market. The Steve Jobs movie also helps us to understand and respect the man.

Some room for improvement

The movie does have its faults. There are things that could have been done better, stories that could have been told better and a plot that could be understood by everyone, not just Steve Job’s fans or Apple lovers. Some things I would change are:

1. Poor choice of movie title

Personally, I feel that Steve Jobs has one of the worst movie titles in history. With the vast resources movie companies have, I believe the marketing department could have come up with something better. An alternative title might have appealed to people who don’t know or haven’t heard of Steve Jobs.

2. The Steve Jobs movie is full of talk and is not cinematic

While I was watching the movie, I sometimes felt that there was nothing happening but a bunch of nerdy white people talking really fast and using big words to impress people.

3. Difficult to understand his motives through the plot

Even at the end of the movie, I had no clue what Steve Jobs actually did. This is because the plot was hard to follow at times. Of course, I learned some things but not a lot about his life. Okay, he wasn’t a good father or even a good human being but the question of ‘why’, was not really answered.

Lessons for us

After watching the Steve Jobs movie, we might learn some lessons to apply to our day-to-day lives. Some of these include:

1. Do not allow your job or work to deny you personal and family time (real life)

The movie portrays Jobs as a man who was so desperate to succeed that he forgot to spend time with his family. He lost his wife and daughter, the two people who loved him the most.

2. Demand perfection in everything you do

Flash back to the year 1984 when Macintosh was being launched, then flash forward to 2015 and the making of the Steve Jobs movie. What’s clear here is the work that was done back then to create the successful Apple empire that exists today. Their communication and information technology advances are arguably the best.

3. Always want more for yourself and for those you love

It is clear from the movie that despite his faults Steve Jobs loved his family and especially his daughter. This is shown in the emotional moments they share. He also designs the IPod specifically so his daughter can listen to music.

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