Do you really hate your current job that much? Is your boss getting on your nerves? Do you feel like your talents and skills aren’t being used in your current job? Where do you see yourself in the next five or so years? Is it a good idea to quit a job without another one? Should I give notice before quitting my job? So many questions…

Today, young people are being faced with many problems at work – annoying colleagues, inhumane bosses, stagnant career progressions and more. This is probably why many westerners in China prefer quitting a job without another one and focus on starting their own business. According to the Life all about career tips, one should always do what he/she is passionate about.

One of the main reasons as to why you should go for something that you love doing is that you’ll interact more with the job hence giving room to more ideas. Of course many young foreigners will always look at money first but in the long run, they might be forced to quit that precious job. Will it be too late for them to start fresh? This section guides you on what to do before leaving your current job and starting a startup business.

What to do before quitting a job

An average American can hold about 12 jobs over a lifetime (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). This means that many people leave their jobs and start new ones. Taking this step will not make life easier for everyone. Here are some tips that will really come in handy.

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Start early

This is where you take simple steps that ensure that you have a smooth exit. Starting early should begin even before you think about quitting. For instance, you should assess whether or not your role and company are contributing positively to your career. If you are open and transparent about your needs, you should bring this to your boss and let him/her know why you need to part ways.

Don’t forget your support network

This is where you talk to your trusted friends, family, and even your doctor about the decision. You will need their encouragement and support.

Save up or organize your finances

Unless you are planning to start your next job as soon as you quit the old one, you should have some real savings. Otherwise, you’ll have some problems in paying your bills hence not focusing on finding a new position. Keep in mind that you won’t receive any loans once you are jobless.

Be discreet

There’s no need to be dramatic. Always go for a dignified exit even if your job is horrible. Keep in mind that you’ll need a positive story to tell your next employer.

What about quitting a job without another one?

Quitting a job without another one lined up is terrifying. However, you can turn this terror into something good. Here are some reasons as to why most people quit their jobs without having a plan B:

  • Health – If your current job is making you sick, there’s no reason as to why you should jump from one job to the next. Take your time off and know what was making you sick.
  • Safety – Your safety and health should always come first. If the job is not safe, just get out. Run. Even if your finances are in terrible shape, you’ll be safer.
  • Lifeline – This is where your current job is destroying your equilibrium. Such a job will make it very hard to wait until you have a solid career-type job.
  •  Inertia – This is where your job is all-consuming. It doesn’t allow you to have a life outside work. After quitting such a job, you should take some time off and focus on yourself. You never know, your brain might come up with some incredible business ideas.

What about quitting a job without notice?

Generally, employees should provide a two-week notice to their employers before quitting. If you are covered by an employment agreement, this notice might be longer. Quitting a job without notice is not always a good idea. However, some situations you might not be in a position where you can wait. Here are some reasons not to give notice before quitting:

  • If you don’t trust your manager to let you work in peace throughout your last two weeks on the job, don’t hand in the notice.
  • If you are going to work for a competitor of your company and your company instantly fires employees who join its competitors, just keep the notice to yourself.
  • Don’t give the notice if you are on performance improvement plan and you feel that the manager is trying to fire you.

Quitting your job to work on your startup

Things that every startup must have

Perfect timing – You should pick the best time to launch your company. This will be influenced by factors such as flows and ebbs of your industry, availability of startup funds, your personal life and the success/failure of your competitors.

Self-discipline – Remember, you’ll be the boss hence you should stick to your budget and exercise self-control. Observe your timetable and schedule; decide what should be done and by when.

Sharp social skills – Unless you have the funds, you will definitely need some investors. This is where your social skills come in handy.

An organized and clean budget – This prevents you from facing unexpected expenses. Having a huge sum of money doesn’t mean that all your expenses will be covered.

How to do a startup

Now that you are an aspiring entrepreneur, here is what you should take advantage of:

  • Be up-to-date with the current stories and what your role models have accomplished.
  • Ensure that you communicate with people who have been there.
  • Know your business mentor or friend.
  • Volunteer to help organizations related to your startup business. Just get your hands dirty.
  • Attend classes and business seminars that will bring in new ideas.

There are many startup mistakes to avoid such as lacking focus, planning too much, hiring too quickly and choosing the wrong investor. Ensure that you stay focused and motivated especially during the first new days of your startup.

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