Are you visiting China for the weekend, and looking forward to some intense Shanghai fun? Are you in search for the best club in Shanghai? Well, this is your lucky day (or week). According to the latest news from Shanghai’s party scene, this weekend, the Vibronics Band will be holding a live concert in Shanghai City.

That’s not all! Shanghai nightlife is full of places to visit before or after the event. For example, you might hire a Shanghai party bus with your friends after the live event. Can you imagine how your friends back at home would react once you show them some of the craziest Shanghai party pictures?

Who exactly are the Vibronics?

The Vibronics are a dub and reggae band based in Leicester, England. It started in 1995 and since then, their music has always been on the top list of the UK Dub scene. The band has over 40 releases on their legendary SCOOPS label. They are also well-known for producing albums, remixes and singles such as Dubhead, Jarring Effects, Jah Tubbys and Universal Egg.

The band has worked with many dub and reggae luminaries such as High Tone, Big Youth, Zion Train, Ranking Joe and more. The group has performed at most live events across Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Central America. Here’s what the band has done over the past few years:

· 1990’s and early 2000’s – Released three albums on the Universal Egg label and hundreds of singles.

· 2008 – Released the UK DUB STORY, which featured great vocals from legendary MC Macka.B and more.

· 2010 – They launched their assault on the new decade with 12 new singles on SCOOPS label.

· 2012 was all about the French Connection album and ten singles.

· 2013/2014 – Important collaborations with Brain Damage called Empire Soldiers.

Live Event Venue

The Vibronics will perform at the Shelter Club, Shanghai China. The event will be held on Saturday, June 18, 2016, from 10:00 PM.

What to do in Shanghai before and after the live event

Most foreigners wonder about Shanghai nightlife. Is it safe? Will I get a Shanghai party bus? Are there places to take Shanghai party pictures? Well, here is a review of some of the best clubs in Shanghai where you can hang out before or after the Vibronics live event.

Lola is one place where you can walk in with a tie, stay late and go crazy with a European crowd. Usually, the nights start off quietly in the tapas lounge bar and gradually pick up as the evening progresses. For instance, by midnight the club is usually fired-up by reputed DJs – by this time, expect the lounge to be a packed nightclub.

Monkey Champagne

It used to be known as the Monkey Lounge and got a face-lift after renovations. It’s a small bar and restaurant which transforms into a hip-hop club after 10 pm. It’s important to note that cocktails are pricey at the bar. If you want to have a fun night in Shanghai, this is the place to be: 38 Donghu Lu near Xinle Lu. It’s open daily from 9 pm until late. The club welcomes both foreigners and locals.


This club launched in Shanghai in 2011. If you are a night reveler, this is where you should be. It has a small dance floor and typically fills with a young international crowd (mostly students). It closes when the sun starts to rise.


Located close to The Shelter, this new club has gained popularity among the fans of techno house music. If electronic or house music is your thing, you will find the club’s atmosphere to be ideal. It has a futuristic interior décor theme with reasonably priced drinks. It’s open daily from 10 pm to 5 am.

The Shelter

Anyone looking for a club/restaurant with underground dance music should not miss visiting The Shelter, right next to The Apartment. While you are at the club, you will feel like it belongs to a part of a cult. The Shelter is also known for playing heavy bass hip hop music; hence, it’s the best place to let your hair down. The drinks are also very cheap, but it can get smoky inside.


This club is co-owned by a purveyor of Shanghai’s oldest gay bar studio and a floppy-haired DJ. 390 is an active crossover venue that is a live music venue, part lounge, and part nightclub. The crowd at 390 is usually made up of locals and foreigners. If you like an easy-going atmosphere, affordable drinks, and great music, this is the place to be.

Apart from the clubs, what else can you do at night?

Shanghai nightlife presents lots of fun-to-do-things. The city is safe to walk at night, and there are lots of people on the streets. If you are planning to stay for 2-3 more days after the concert, here are some activities for you:

The Bund Night Scene is where you get to enjoy the sights of the brightly lit street scenes as you walk along the river. Buildings present in The Bund bring in different varieties of architecture styles. Once you are at The Bund, you will get a great view of the Pudong Area including Jin Mao Building and Orient Pearl TV Tower.

Shanghai Nanjing Road: an energetic pedestrian street which always packs with people. It was the first commercial road in Shanghai and is 5.5 km long.

Cruising on Huangpu River
If you want to witness the dynamism and pulse of Shanghai from the sidelines, a Huangpu River Cruise at night is what you need. The river is very calm at night and offers a great view of both the Bund and Lujiazui. The view is gorgeous when the city lights are on.

Should you attend the Vibronics Live Concert in Shanghai?

If you are into reggae and dub music or party scenes in general, you should attend this event. Also, you will have the chance to explore some of the best clubs in Shanghai and fascinating locations.