The Chinese Languageis the world largest spoken language with about 1.2 billion people (16% of the population of the world) speaking it as their first language. It belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language family with Chinese Mandarin leading the baton. It is mostly spoken mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and among the Chinese diaspora spread across the globe. 

There are various interesting facts about the Chinese language which would fascinate the users who are about to start learning this language. It is the single largest language which is the mother tongue of about 955 million people. So, think about how many people you could have a conversation just after learning the Chinese language even in basic form. 

Another interesting fact about the Chinese language is that it comes with five different scripts out of which the most important form of calligraphy style is “Seal Character style” which is native to Han people. Furthermore, it has been considered as the world’s only modern pictographic language which implies that it has been developed using pictures. 

The Chinese languageis one of the oldest languages which is still in use even after undergoing a large number of changes. Besides, the people would be astonished that it is a tonal language which signifies that the meaning of the words changes with the change in the tone of its pronunciation. 

Moreover, it has a unique sound system in which the sound of the pronunciation of Chinese words appears quite similar. Since we are not exposed to such sounds, it is quite difficult for English speakers to find out any difference between the similar sounds. This system makes the Chinese languageone of the most difficult language to listen and understood. 

A hardening fact about the Chinese languageis that it is the hardest language to learn especially for English speakers because of different grammar, writing system and pronunciation. In order to become fluent in Chinese language, one has to put years of hard work and practice. Another hurdle in learning this language is that its written forms provide no clue about the pronunciation and thus required it to learn separately. 

However, with the increase in the domination of China across the globe and the presence of Chinese companies’ whole over the world, there has been a surge in learning the Chinese language among the people. So, learning a language like Chinese is a wonderful process which would help you to come closer to the Chinese superpower and become fluent to win the hearts of their people. 

The most important question which comes in the mind of an individual is to how to start learning a language. One thing should be noted that learning any language is a daunting process and is different for different people. If a person is bilingual/multilingual, it would not be much difficult for them to learn the Chinese language as fluency and skills in one language enhance their efficiency in another language. 

Even if you are not bilingual/multilingual, there is no reason to worry. The first step to learning the Chinese language is to learn about the composition of this language. This could be done by memorizing its vocabulary, listening to its different sounds and having a vigil look at its large number of letters. This would help a new learner to learn this language faster and easy. 

Although it is one of the world’s difficult language to learn, once you have understood its framework; it would be more effective to pick up its tones and words.  Another aspect on which learning depends is the methods you have utilized it to learn. Mere limiting learning to the classroom setting would take a large amount of time to learn the Chinese language. 

In order to become fluent in the Chinese language, it is required for you to listen to the radio, watch Chinese movies and videos and read Chinese e-books to enhance the learning process. Moreover, taking the help of advanced technology would help you to increase the fluency in learning and make this process a memorable one. 

Various studies have shown that a learner who dedicate at least an hour a day to learn the language such as Chinese, learns this language at a higher pace than those who just attend weekly classes. Besides, taking a positive approach and with high motivation, a learner would become fluent in the Chinese language sooner and in the best possible way. 

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Even learning the given language by searching for Chinese Zodiac would help you to understand the characters as per the Chinese calendar. Chinese Zodiacstill plays a significant role in the life of millions of Chinese people and learning it effectively would help an individual to win their hearts. 

So, Pandarow app presents the best platform to learn the Chinese language in an appropriate manner. It is totally free and comes with a Chinese dictionary for daily communication. So, use this app and venture more into the aspects of the Chinese languageto increase fluency and efficacy in learning this language in an appropriate manner.   

The Chinese dictionary in the Pandarow app is preferred by speakers coming from English as well as Chinese language. Pinyin online course is the best way to learn the Chinese language as they come with audio and video option. Pinyin has various syllables which consists of initial, final and tone part. They comes in English alphabets and help in proper pronunciation of the Chinese alphabets. 

The Pandarow app has proved its importance among novice speakers to learn Chinese language in an effective manner. It provides definition and usage of Chinese Languagein an appropriate manner. Besides, it has an audio feature for proper pronunciation of Chinese language efficiently. The images and samples from Chinese native speakers are also used so that non-speaker would find it easy to connect with the language. 

Pandarow develops a Chinese learning community Ask Panda in which Chinese learners could ask the problems they’ve met in learning process to Chinese locals and get response in less one day. Communicating with Chinese natives helps with the immersion and exposure to Chinese culture and real live background. 

So, it is up to you how to learn the Chinese languagein an appropriate way. Start practicing Chinese alphabets using theapp and try to speak with your friends so as to enhance fluency in it. With the help of Pandarow app, the English users would be able to get access to the Chinese language and could use the policy of “learn by fun” efficiently.