All of us have that one job that we are constantly thinking and dreaming about. Whether you are currently working a simple job to get by, you’re still in school, or somewhere in between, all of us have the one dream job that we’ve been dreaming of obtaining since we can remember. And while we all have one, no two people’s dream jobs are the same. Your dream job is more than likely drastically different from my dream job. There are so many careers and opportunities out there, and because of the variety of work that is offered in our world today, securing a position that relates to your dream job, or is exactly the job you have been dreaming of since you were a little kid, is now more possible than ever before. In fact, with the rate that technology is developing and advancing, your dream job may have developed as a result of some new form of technology that was created recently. Whatever your individual case may be, we can agree on the point that there’s a job out there that you want incredibly badly.

Why is it so hard to get this dream job?

If we know what the job of our dreams is, then why are they sometimes so hard to obtain in the advancing world we live in? While the case and situation will be different for everyone, there are a few reasons as to why you may be struggling to obtain that job you so desperately want. One of the most common reasons is that it is a very selective job, or that the market for it is extremely competitive. This is most commonly seen when talking about jobs within professional sports, acting or singing on a professional level, and working at world famous companies like Google. These are the dream jobs that most everyone will want at some point in their life, and that’s what makes them such competitive fields.

While reaching your dream job can be done, it requires a tremendous amount of work, time, and effort from you to get close to making said dream of yours come true. Another reason as to why you may be held back from getting your most highly desired job is because of educational requirements. There are many jobs out there that require up to 8 or 12 years of college education, and barriers for these degrees can come up in either the form of time or money. It’s an unfortunate truth, but it’s just that – the truth.

What is the law of attraction?

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Before we explain how to use the law of attraction to land your dream job, we first need to explain just what the law of attraction is. The law of attraction is essentially the title that has been given to the thought that “like attracts like”. This thought was originally established in the New Thought philosophy whose main point is that when you focus on positive things, your life will take a turn for the positive – and vice versa with negative thoughts. It’s a philosophy that has been around for many, many ages, and when used properly, it can be of an extreme advantage to you. People have been using and implementing the law of attraction to lose weight, find love, win the lottery, get your job back, and even get a girlfriend. While each of those are interesting cases in their own right, there’s only one that we are going to be focusing on today.

Using the law of attraction to land your first dream job

Now that we have all of the preliminary information out of the way, it’s finally time to dive into the heart of the matter. When you think about your dream job, chances are the idea of having said job makes you extremely happy and positive. When you go out and actually start applying yourself for positions that are related to this job you’ve been wanting for so long, it’s critically important to hold onto those feelings of happiness and positivity. A few major points on how to use the law of attraction to your advantage when searching for your dream job go as follows:

· Believe in yourself! While society and others around you may say that there’s no way you can realistically have employment in the field you’re hunting for, don’t let their words or thoughts bring you down! Stay true to yourself and let yourself know that you’re capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

· You should be aware that you are going to get the job when you apply for it. Don’t wish or hope that you get it, tell yourself that you are going to get it! Think about when you’re going to start your job after your interview, not if you start your job.

· Even when it would be easy to let yourself become distraught or discouraged, do your best not to let that happen. Stay positive as much as possible, but if those discouraging thoughts rear their ugly faces, keep yourself focused on all of the good things that are in your life. While you will undoubtedly face a few difficulties when going out for the job of your dreams, it is extremely important always to keep your mind on the good and positive things you already have going for yourself. Focus on those and you’ll be fine.


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Time and time again when you were growing up, you most likely heard someone ask you “what is your dream job?”. The answer you gave them back then when you were a kid may not be the same as it is today, and it may very well be. No matter which case you fall into, you can use the tips we have talked about today to help guide you through your journey of obtaining the job that you have sought after for years and years. There is a rather arduous journey facing you, but with enough adversary and positivity, you can turn that dream job into a reality. It isn’t any easy task, but with the use of the law of attraction; you can accomplish anything you set the goals towards.

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