There are many places in the world where becoming a university professor requires a lot of education, years of experience, and even high scores on specific tests. However, if you have the knowledge and a little bit of classroom experience, you can teach people who just have that thirst for knowledge. Most of these places where you can teach without a degree are places where people don’t want to go due to war, climate or poverty, often a combination of all three.

But what if I told you that you could teach in China? In some of the most culturally rich cities on Earth, and then some of the biggest, urban cities right next to small, countryside village all in need of teachers that can teach languages, sciences, and other cultures from all around the world. Even math and literature. It’s all needed in China. Sometimes you might need a little bit of education, but not necessarily a degree. You will always need to feel comfortable in a classroom or with teaching a group of students, whether younger kids or adults. But let’s look at each situation a little bit more in-depth so you have a bit more understanding of what you may encounter and what you may or may not want to look for in university teaching jobs China.

Teaching Jobs in China for Non-Native Speakers

Just because you don’t speak Chinese does not mean that you won’t be able to get a teaching job at a university in China. The schools arrange many of the teaching jobs in outlying areas, and if you are teaching English, many of the universities want your native language to be English. If you are going to be teaching French, or Spanish, or German, or another language, they will want your mother tongue to be the language that you are teaching to others.

Although learning a bit of Chinese will be helpful so that you can get your students off on the right foot when it comes to learning the basics of their new language before you can start communicating with the new one. To be able to teach a language to someone who speaks another language, you might have to take a class in the country in which you will be teaching. In this case, China, to be familiar with how most people both young and old learn in that country, and about some phrases, you will need to be able to communicate with your new students; however, these teaching jobs in China without a degree are very much in demand and easy to find.

Teaching Jobs in China for Africans

While of course, China is mostly Chinese, it is still a very diverse population. Some people who live there are of mixed race or have African decent because of migrations (either recently or from many generations past). Because of this, some people who have been there who are mixed or are of African decent still only speak Chinese, but want to learn English, or want to learn the language of their ancestors.

There are many classrooms open for any language learner who would like to learn English or an African language from someone born and raised in Africa who has come to China to teach their knowledge to others. Some of these teachers have been taught in universities in Africa and other countries on continents all around the world, and their passion is teaching. Hence, you may learn more than just language and life experience. However, that language and life experience will always be mixed in.

Teaching Jobs in China for Foreigners

Africans aren’t the only immigrants that come to China to teach. Many people from North and South America, Europe, and more come to teach. Some have degrees and teach advanced subjects as well as languages and life experience. Others just stick to what they know. But you will always find a new experience with every class you take because every instructor has different life experiences, even if they are from the same country. One might’ve grown up on a farm and the other in the city. So it’s interesting to learn as much as you can about the world when you have such a diverse pool of professors to learn from.

Teaching Jobs in China 2015

In 2015, the boom of Chinese people (both young and old) learning English was explosive, and there was an incredible demand for teachers at all levels of education. It had started with English teaching jobs in China for non-native speakers in 2012. China was importing teachers who could speak English with relative ease to help teach their citizens. Once they realized that grammar, punctuation and spelling was all important as well, they started recruiting teachers through public and private schools and universities to bring in qualified candidates to teach the Chinese citizens who wanted to learn. There are English teaching jobs in China, no degree required, but you must have impeccable grammar and be able to show that you have some classroom experience.

English teaching jobs in China aren’t the only jobs available in the education sector though easy when you have an education and are willing to teach. If you have some formal training in some science, and can speak either Chinese or English, the whole world of science teaching jobs in China opens up to you.

Whether you have a degree or not, if you have a bit of experience in a classroom and feel comfortable teaching a group of people, you can find something to teach in China. The Chinese citizens are hungry for information and people from around the world can provide it for them. If you do happen to have a degree, the more you will be able to teach. If you are looking to teach a particular subject and you know you will need some education (even if it’s just a certificate or Associate’s Degree), then you might want to start working on that now. Also start working on the paperwork you might need to get started on your work in China.

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