Among the universities in the region, HKU is ranked among the top three according to various reports. The HKU Public Opinion Programme Survey in 2016 ranked it as the third regarding reputation. Since 1912, the university has grown over the decades to become the fully-fledged institution that it is today.

Nonetheless, some factors have led to its steady deterioration over the years. One of the factors includes the reduction of funding per student for the 4-year curriculum that has led to changes in the methodologies of the survey. Regarding reputation worldwide, it ranks 51st-60th according to a study in 2015.

Naturally, the strength shown in individual disciplines is visible via the subject rankings that are offered in various tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. The US News and World Report ranked HKU 64th world over. The China’s Alumni Association ranked it as a 6 star among the greater China universities. Also, HKU managed to top the Association’s Ranking of Institutions in 2014.

The MBA program in HKU is known to be one of the top programs in Asia by the Economist. For the same category, it ranked 26th worldwide. Global ranking in MBAs ranked it 44th in 2016 and 10 in the continent of Asia. A HKU-Fund IMBA program was ranked 58th and 16th in Asia. Therefore, it is clear that HKU is recognized globally for its prowess and the programs it offers. For a student, studying in this university guarantees a job on a global platform due to the recognition of the tertiary institution.

Total Number of Students

The latest indicators show that the student population of HKU was 21,652 in 2008/2009. This comprised of 11,962 undergraduates, 2,364 research postgraduates and 7,326 taught postgraduate students. In the recent years, the diversity of the said institution has increased with 6,814 non-local students from 83 different countries by 2012. This shows how well the institution is recognized globally. The measure of global recognition is the number of students coming from foreign countries to study in the university.

Total Number of Faculties

Essentially, HKU has ten academic faculties. All these faculties make use of the English Language as the language of instruction. There is major strength concerning scholarly research as well as education of finance and accounting, humanities, biomedicine, law, political sciences, and architecture. Also, it is the first team to have single-handedly isolated the coronavirus globally as the causative agent for SARS. Therefore, University of Hong Kong is world renowned for its academic prowess. It is a good university for students seeking to gain their tertiary education abroad in an excellent university.

Academic Reputation

HKU’s academic reputation is impeccable world over. Based on the ranking discussed earlier, it is clear that the university is respected globally regarding offering world-class academic qualifications. The institution has been ranked by various organizations for its strength in individual disciplines. Its MBA program, science programs, and other faculties are respected towards this end. As such, insofar as reputation is concerned, HKU in world-renowned.

Employer Reputation

Naturally, employer reputation is an imperative factor when considering employability. As such, most university graduates who search for employment are measured based on their industry skills, experience, and the institution that they attained their qualifications from. As such, the HKA is proud to be among the finest universities globally when considering postgraduate and undergraduate programs.

The skills attained from the institution enable the alumni to seek the best jobs in the market. Also, their strong alumni ensures that most students have placement as soon as they graduate to further their careers in line with their education.

Research Aspects

HKU is predominantly a research university. Most aspects regarding study in the university revolve around research and funding of further research to be up to date in all faculties and all disciplines offered in the university. Scholarly research and education are done in the universities in the following fields:

• Biomedicine
• Accounting and finance
• Law
• Humanities
• Political sciences and
• Architecture

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities include a glimpse into the political world through active participation in student bodies. Also, over 100 associations and clubs cater to the student population. The student organization is renowned in the university as being part of the reason why a chancellor was evicted in recent years. Furthermore, there is “The Postgraduate Students Association (PGSA)” that acts on behalf of the postgraduate students’ interests.

Recent News

In 2015, a council meeting ended with students leaving the room in a storm and a person collapsing on the ground, subsequently being sent to a hospital. The meeting was about making a choice on a professor becoming the pro-vice chancellor for the university. The delay came about as pro-Beijing newspapers criticized the professor.

In 2016, the HKU faculty of education held a “Self-Directed Learning in Science” Students award scheme. Also, the “Third quarter Hong Kong Macro Economic Forecast” was released.

Academics and Research

HKU is primarily a research institution in all faculties and fields of study provided. This means students sometimes have the opportunity to assist with research.

Opportunities for International Students

Being a world-renowned institution, the opportunities for international students are wide and varied. All you need to do as an international student is go through an online prospectus and see what the University Of Hong Kong has to offer regarding courses. You may want to begin your undergraduate in the school or undertake a postgraduate in HKU assorted graduate programs. The advantage is that you will study abroad and learn a culture that is essential to personal growth and gaining an international resume.

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