Key Statistics

Tsinghua University was ranked in the World University Rankings 2016 at 47th, World Reputation Ranking 2016 at 18th and Asia University Ranking 2016 at 5th.

The total number of students is 39,763 with the number of International Students at 3,979. The total Enrollment is 28471, International Students being 1911 (7%).

Undergraduate Enrollment is 14609 with the number of International Students being 1015 (7%) while Graduate Enrollment is 13862 with the number of International Students being 896 (6%).

The total number of academic staff is 2895 with the number of international staff being 534. The number of undergraduates awarded is 3,365, the number of masters awarded is 4,433, and 1,049 doctoral awards.


Tsinghua University, usually known as the ‘MIT of China’ is considered among the most prestigious universities in China. It is situated at the site of ‘Qing Hua Yuan’ in Haidian District in Beijing. Formerly known as the royal garden- of the Qing Dynasty, Tsinghua University was founded in 1911. The university’s campus is renowned for its spectacular surrounding embraced by time-honored architectural complexes, shady trees and made with unique styles and features, In 2010, Tsinghua University was listed by the Forbes magazine among the 14 world’s most beautiful campuses and the only one in Asia.

The university was founded in 1925 and 1928; they adopted the name ‘National Tsinghua University’. The faculty placed so much value in the interaction between Humanities and Sciences, the Western and Chinese cultures as well as the modern and ancient. Tsinghua University is among of leading Chinese universities with direct affiliation with China’s Ministry of Education. It is also among the crucial schools in the National Projects of 985 and 211 as well as a prominent center for scientific research and higher education. Tsinghua takes pride in being the university with the largest number of academicians in affiliation with Chinese – Academy of Engineering and Science. It also has the highest numbers of state awards in both science and technology.

In 1978, China opened up to the entire world, and ever since, Tsinghua University has advanced at a significant pace into a widely-known comprehensive research university. Living by its legacy as part of the renowned universities from China, Tsinghua University has become such an effective institution in fostering scientific research and talent. The University is guided by the educational philosophy, train students with integrity’. Tsinghua has produced a lot of skilled talent into the society including great statesmen including current and former Chinese President Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao, eminent entrepreneurs and outstanding scholars. Tsinghua University’s motto is Self-Discipline and Social Commitment’ and it strives to realize the well-being of the Chinese society as well as the development of the world as a whole.

Key Facts

Outstanding Disciplinary Influence

Tsinghua University has 16 schools and 56 departments with faculties in engineering, law, science, economics, philosophy, engineering, art, education, management, history, medicine and the humanities. The university has 65 undergraduate programs, 252 doctoral programs and 271 master’s programs.

First-Rate Faculty Team

Currently, the university has over 4000 faculty members including 1172 full professors and 1061 associate professors. Tsinghua University has 45 members of its faculty as part of the Chinese Academy of  Sciences members as well as 33 members who are part of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

High-Quality Cultivation of Talent

It has indicators which affirm that Tsinghua University plays a significant role in the development of talent in China. Some of the indicators include high employment rates as well as a high degree of job satisfaction among both graduate and undergraduate level alumni. There is also a high pass rate for major professional qualification exams among Tsinghua University students. The student to faculty ratio at Tsinghua University is 13:7 and Female to Male ratio are 32: 68.

Continuous Increase in Scientific Research Capacity

Being part of the leading Chinese universities of learning and research, means Tsinghua has a strong commitment to basic research, applied research and scientific innovation. According to the US news and world’s Report ranking of the university by subject area, Tsinghua University overtook the legendary Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the top spot as the best school in engineering. The methodology for ranking was based on research citations and publications as well as reputation among leading researchers in the field.The university had a global score of 70.4%, global research reputation at number 44 and regional research reputation at number 4.

National science and technology programs are the primary sources of Tsinghua R&D expenditure. Funding for these programs totals up to over 20billion Yuan which supports over 1400 projects yearly for the university.

National Leader in International Exchange and Cooperation

Tsinghua University has established extensive cooperation with many world-class universities, well-known enterprises and research institutes. The primary goal of this cooperation is to help Tsinghua University enhance its academic development and scientific research level as well as educate talented graduates with a global vision which will ultimately improve Tsinghua’s international reputation and influence. Tsinghua University has signed some research deals with international Corporations such as General Electric Alcatel, Procter & Gamble, BP, Lucent and Volkswagen. Other collaborations include Sino- US Clean Energy Research Center and Tsinghua University-RWTH Aachen University Ministry of Education Joint Information Research.

Comprehensive Medical Sciences, Engineering and Outstanding Social Services

Tsinghua University has a total of 330 research institutions in operation including state key laboratories, national engineering laboratories, national engineering research centers, national Large-scale Scientific Instrument Center and so much more which are quite instrumental in conducting scientific research and churning out projects that are beneficial on the global scale.

Extracurricular Activities

Tsinghua University has over 110 student associations which cover physical training, arts, humanities, science and technology as well as public welfare. The University encourages international students to join extracurricular activities so as to churn out whole-rounded competent individuals who can confidently compete on the global level. Some of the extracurricular activities organized include sports competitions, tourists’ visits to major tourist spots, graduation party, welcoming party and New Year party.

Tsinghua International Summer School

Since 2013, Tsinghua University has organized the international summer school which welcomes students from all over the world so as to gain an understanding of China’s current environmental situation and to learn about Chinese culture. The 2016 international summer school will involve hot topics with renowned experts from top universities and foreign firms to develop ideas to solve environmental problems.

Special offers for International students

Tsinghua University offers so many marketable disciplines including engineering, science, and medicine. It’s well equipped and offers major opportunities for international students who want to learn Chinese as well as join English-taught programs.

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