If you want a taste of real traveling around the world, you must make a visit to China. The language, crazy foods, huge culture shock and overall confusion, can be both exciting and intriguing to you through the day. However, things can get wonderful and much more relaxed at night as you grab a few drinks at the many exciting hip bars and clubs in China.

Yes, China boasts of a diverse nightlife offering something for everyone, especially young foreigners. It’s surprising, and exciting to learn that this city does party hard. However though most things are rather cheap here, be ready to pay similar rates as you’d paid back home while partying!

China boasts of cinemas, song and dance halls, restaurants, teahouses, nightclubs, theaters, karaoke clubs and even acrobatics shows which are open and keep locals and tourists entertained through the night. The music and décor with the many activities offered here make Beijing a beautiful place to relax and enjoy your night!

1. Houhai Bar Street

The Houhai Bar Street in the Shichahai area of Beijing is a confluence of Chinese and Western cultures. There were originally only about 12 bars in the Shichahai area when the first bar was opened at a common Siheyuan or courtyard here. However things have changed, and there are now more than 120 bars welcoming visitors with open doors every evening.

This is why Houhai Bar Street is called the modern pub hub and is one of the most bustling places in Beijing party district in the evenings. There are 24-hour restaurants, bars and upscale nightclubs with live bands offering all types of music ranging from R&B to jazz.

2. Sanlitun

Sanlitun is called the city’s tourism city as it’s full of familiar landmarks like Pizza Huts, five-star hotels, and embassies to make you feel at home. While international treats lure tourists with its exotic smells in the daytime, once moonlight sets in, Sanlitun’s nightlife is born. The cafes and restaurants are transformed into luxury Beijing clubs with tango, hip hop and samba dancehalls for the dance enthusiasts.

3. World of Suzie Wong

World of Suzie Wong is one of the most banging and happening Beijing clubs in Chaoyang District. At first glance, it looks like an opium den full of hot Chinese girls, but you also find a huge, young expat crowd here every night too. The place is jam packed from Thursday to Sunday and as its open till 6 am, it’s better to take along some red bull while going there to prevent things from getting messy!

4. Emperor Hotel’s rooftop bar

If you are looking for something exciting to do in Beijing’s part district, why not grab a drink at the rooftop bar at Emperor Hotel, overlooking Forbidden City? You have to climb through some terraces from the boutique hotel, but it’s worth it as you get to absorb the royal grounds’ panoramic view. You’ll love the bar menu as it’s stocked with innovative concoctions, including the intriguing Chinese liquor Baijiu.

5. Mix

The mix is the place for partying hard. People from all everywhere meet here to take a break and enjoy themselves. You’ll love the overlook of Mix as it looks like L.A.’s Arena and this 2-floor modern nightclub is today one of the best Beijing party scenes with high-quality sounds and lighting systems.

6. 4 Corners- Pub Quiz & Summer Competition

4 Corners have something special to offer you here. This is one of Beijing nightclubs which has a weekly international bar trivia. This takes place every Tuesday at 8 pm till about 10.30 pm where prizes are allotted every week.

The first price is a bottle of liquor or wine of your choice while desserts, food, drinks and even shots are given away each round. So you don’t have to be a trivia master to participate; anyone can win something here!

The trivia team accumulates most points from June to July starting June 7th, where teams compete through summer to claim a prize. The teams receive 1000 Yuan as bar tab and play five challenging rounds of trivia.

Matthew Couri Jacobs is the host of the event and pulls questions based on various fun and interesting topics. Not only are there a theme, music and images rounds, there is also a 50/50 round. Examples of some rounds which had taken place, and you can expect are Florida Headline or Bible Story’ and Gun Maker or Sex Toy.’

Regarding rates, you can buy buckets of Tiger at 100 while Corona buckets are 150 through the competition. You can buy one pizza and get another free until 8 pm. Of course, the full menu is also available through the competition, along with amazing cocktails you can customize and a beer tap.

7. Karaoke

Your experience of Beijing nightlife is incomplete without a karaoke session! Yes, karaoke is a staple activity in China and most East Asian nations. Most hotels and major streets offer karaoke venues and are usually marked KTV, so look out for these signs!

You just have to check in and pay for a fixed time of karaoke at the front desk. You are then escorted to a private room with a TV, microphones, audio-visual equipment and couches. Of course, you need to do this with a group of friends (and not alone!), some drinks in hand and food, and you will love and remember your karaoke experience in Beijing!

The Boat

The Boat is one of Beijing’s club’s specialties. It is a club based on a refurbished boat stationed on the Liangma River near Sanlitun Bei Lu. The Boat has two floors where there’s a bar and a dance floor on each floor for patrons to enjoy while listening to tunes from local and international DJs while drinking some mixed drinks and beers. The Qingdao beers are available for $5 here and is one of the cheapest drinks you’ll find in Beijing party district.

So the next time you plan to go to Beijing, or if you are in Beijing, do put on your drinking boots as Beijing’s nightlife beckons you! To make things easier for you, you can just download a party in Beijing app easily to locate all the Beijing nightclubs and even Beijing party hostel and enjoy the exciting nightlife Beijing has to offer you!