As an interested young non-Chinese student, you may need to get some tips as you plan to move to China, on the short and long terms. You will be best-served understanding some of the medical requirements and insurance options as an international student based in China.

Insurance Option

Depending on the duration of your stay in China, you may be required to undergo a medical examination in a public hospital to ascertain your general health condition. For students who are going to stay longer than twelve months, the medical examination must be done one month before traveling. Such requirements are put in place in the recognition of the existence of internship in China for international students. Your health is important as you travel for the Chinese internship program.

As an international student in China, there may be a conflict between the medical standard you are accustomed to in your country and that offered in Chinese healthcare. Due to cultural, language, and administrative differences, you may find that visiting some of the hospitals amounts to complications and delays. Plus, there are variations in the health standards depending on the location you will find yourself in. Whereas some facilities can provide medical attention to foreigners, some may not be equipped to accommodate non-locals due to the language and cultural barriers. It will, therefore, be advisable for you to choose an appropriate medical insurance that will cater for your health needs.

You will realize that if you find yourself in a Chinese rural area, traveling and communication facilities are still lagging behind. Considering that rural health centers may not have the right equipment to handle your health issues, traveling may be a necessity so as to gain access to better services. Therefore, you will need to purchase both the medical and personal accident (PA) accidental death and injury insurance policy. This is a requirement for students in a Chinese internship program for a period exceeding one year. The policy is important to you since no one can predict what health concerns you can come across. If you are required to travel from a rural area to receive medical attention, for instance, you may get injured in the ambulance and any eventualities will be covered by the policy.

Dwelling in a foreign area brings about its health concerns. A change in climate and environmental conditions always attract health hazards. To be safe from any concerns, the insurance policy will cover you. You can purchase this insurance before you travel or afterward, depending on your preference. In your airports, you will find insurance agents for Chinese policies who will advise and assist you appropriately.

You are advised as an international study in China to choose foreign-invested hospitals and clinics for your treatment. You should also be familiar with their health insurance plan so that you can opt for the best that will cover your needs.

Drug Regulations

Prescription Drugs

The China Customs Regulations is responsible for the welfare of the China nationals as well as the foreign nationals. In the interest of public safety, you will be required to fill in a baggage declaration form at the port which contains some prohibitions of drugs. You will find heroine, morphine, opium, medical marijuana and other habit-forming drugs are not allowed into China. You will not be permitted to carry these substances which are considered illegal. You probably come from countries that have legalized cannabis, but the situation is different in China. Medical prescriptions like which are necessary medicines to you like anti-diarrheal drugs and laxatives are allowed.

Birth Control Contraceptives

As a young international student, you sure are at the most interesting and exciting phase of your life. Sexual activity among youth is high so as you come to China, be a boy scout and come prepared. China as a country that invented the one-child-policy provides readily available contraceptives; both condoms and oral pills. You can go to the shop or clinic and buy them, or to the community health center and get them for free. However, you are only provided with a specific quantity, so if you wish to be safe, it would be advisable to carry as much as you wish while you travel.

The brands you are used to where you come from may not be available in China so you may need to carry your own too. The brands available are limited and may be different from the ones you are familiar with. If you can’t find your desired brand, you can search and compare the hormones in the available one so you may find a close match. Otherwise, even without an identity card, you still will have access to contraceptives for the safety of your health. So whether you are a Chinese national or foreigner, contraception provision is unbiased.

Do you want a Chinese Internship?

After you have settled your health concerns through the information provided above, as an international student you have the opportunity for paid internship in China during or after your studies. You are recognized as part of the system due to your desire to learn in the Chinese education system. Therefore, in the course of your studies, opportunities for paid internship are granted to you through policies enacted by the institution you are studying. Gaining Chinese working experience may be helpful in your growth as it is an opportunity to function in a multicultural setup. The Chinese job market is also interested in your skills and knowledge which you have brought from your various nationalities. So as you study, bear in mind that this is not just an opportunity to learn but also a chance for career development.

Traveling to China as an international student makes demands of you, and one of such is the medical requirement. For the sake of your health, and knowledge of the medical policies in your host country, the information above is useful as a guide to your preparations.


International students, especially from the Western countries, require some medical tips as they prepare to visit China. The difference in health standards and policies may require international students to take insurance policies and carry medical kits that suit their interests. There are some drug prohibitions in China, though, unlike in many other countries where the students have come from.