You must have heard that Chinese foods are very delicious, and that’s probably why you landed to this write-up. In China, foods need to have the right combination of herbs, spices, and ingredients that would get the most out of their flavor that’s why they spend a lot of time on the preparation and presentation process of their recipes. Are you curious to know the name of the best traditional Chinese food recipes that you can try? If you haven’t been to China yet, and you’re planning to go there for a vacation or work very soon, get your notepad ready to write down the list of the most delicious Chinese foods that you shouldn’t miss. The following are top ten foods that you must try in China.

1.Tang Cu Li Ji (Sweet & Sour Pork).

If you would search online for Chinese food list with pictures, you’ll find out that the title already speaks for itself as to what you can expect from this bright orange to red color food. Originally, there was only sweet and sour pork but with the growing demand, many improvements were made on this well-known Chinese dish. Instead of pork, other ingredients that are used are beef, pork ribs or chicken.

2. Bao Zi (Steamed Filled Buns).

Depending on your preference, this can be eaten as a snack or a meal with over twenty different common recipes to choose from. This is incredibly delicious that once you’ve tried Bao Zi, you can see yourself eating it every day for breakfast. Also known as “Hokkien” and “Hakka,” this dish is a type of steamed, bun-like food that’s filled with either meat or vegetables.

3. Ma Po Tofu.

Out of the many delicious traditional Chinese dishes that foreigners order in restaurants in China, Ma Po Tofu is one of the most well-known with over more than 100 years of history. Ma describes a hot, spicy taste that comes from pepper powder which is one of the common condiments used in the Chinese Cuisine. What makes the milky tofu taste even better are chopped green onions and ground beef.

4. Xiao Long Bao (Dumplings).

This is a Chinese food that used to be only well-known in North China only but is already famous all around the world today and is taken as one of the best foods in China that everyone should try. With this must-try dish is a long history of 1,800 years that have gone very far from a traditional dish that’s prepared during Chinese New Year’s Eve. Dumplings consist of chopped veggies and minced meat that are carefully wrapped in a thin dough skin. The most popular fillings for dumplings include ground chicken or beef, diced shrimp and minced pork cooked by frying, steaming or boiling.

5. Chun Juan (Spring Rolls).

Others would call this a thin pancake or spring pancakes which are always present in the tables of Chinese families every New Year’s Eve. According to research, today’s delicious Spring Rolls were first made before the Tang Dynasty when everyone in China made the type of thin pancake and put them in a plate with first fruits and vegetables on the day of “The Beginning of Spring”. The food prepared was then sent out to friends and relatives as a spring gift.
6. Peking Roasted Duck.

When in China, your travel there would not be complete if you wouldn’t try Peking Roasted Duck which is one of the most delicious and popular Chinese dishes today with a history that can be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty when it was considered as an imperial dish. This food is savored for its very crispy, thin skin that tastes great when eaten with sweet bean sauce, pancakes or soy with mashed garlic.

7. Dandan Mian (Dan Dan Noodles).

This may seem like a simple noodle dish but once tasted, you’ll realize that you’ve been fooled by its tame appearance. Dandan Mian consists of spicy sauce that contains preserved veggies, chili oil, minced pork, Sichuan pepper and scallions that are topped with the noodles. With its astonishingly great taste, you will surely want your bowl of this dish even if you knew that the best Chinese dishes to order are meant for sharing.

8. Wontons.

It had been a tradition for people during the Tang Dynasty to eat wontons that are still preferred by a lot of Chinese over other newer dishes. The fineness of this traditional Chinese food menu was always praised by poets back then and was not easily available for consumption by common people. Produced by stuffing pork, shallot, ginger, vegetables and shrimp meat in a bun without holes and then cooked by boiling, frying or steaming with very good taste, you should not leave China without trying this.

9. Gong Bao Chicken.

A traditional Chinese food menu in a restaurant would always have Gong Bao Chicken on the list. Commonly ordered in restaurants in China by both Chinese and foreigners, the major ingredients of this dish are diced chicken, fried peanuts, and dried chili. Gong Bao Chicken has become such a staple for tourists in the country; it’s very tasty and it’s available pretty much everywhere in China so it is something that you’ll always see in dinner tables.

10. Chow Mein.

This Chinese food is well-known not only for its delicious taste but also because of its many health benefits including a boost in immunity and improvement in digestion. Many restaurants in China prepare this food by deep-frying the noodles which are the easiest and fastest way of cooking beautiful-looking yellow noodles. One of the most popular Chinese dishes of today, the main ingredients of Chow Mein are meat, celery and onions with Vegetarian Chow Mein also quite common in China.

There you have it, ten of the best foods that you should try in China, but surely, this list is just a tip of the iceberg. We haven’t even talked about traditional Chinese desserts yet and there a whole lot of them that we can name. The country is rich in great tasting food options following flavor, aroma, appearance and color that are considered as main ingredients for the Chinese culture. The dishes mentioned above are not only well-known in China but almost all around the world becoming a main culture exchange among China and other nations.

If you are a type of person who loves to eat, you will surely fall in love with the country’s foods because each one of them is served in a complete package of style, taste, presentation, uniqueness, and incredible cooking.