Rapid development in China has created a new front of job opportunities. With the industrial and economic advancement, the country is creating thousands of opportunities every day. The need for professionals in different fields has led to intense interest by international job seekers. Also, this aims at fully integrating China into the rest of world. Besides working, these foreign workers can interact with locals and improve skills. Below are some of the best employment opportunities available in China.

1. Translation services

Most multinational companies have a presence in China. Thousands of visitors arrive in the country daily. With a good knowledge of different languages, one is in a better position to exploit this opportunity. Translation services are in high demand in various sectors such as media and hospitality industries. There is a chance that when you set a good foundation, you can work with different departments in the country thereby earning a good salary. The rarer the language, the more of a niche you can fill. English, German, and Russian will always be needed, but have much more job competition. Whereas smaller languages like Finnish, Czech, and Dutch are also needed but you’ll face lower competition.

2. Information technology and electronics

Electronic industry in China is developing at atomic speed. The need for qualified staff is growing day by day. Since the majority of companies producing these electronics serve the world, it creates a need for employing people from different corners of the world. With required credentials and language mastery, you stand better chances of working in China. On the other hand, people with advanced knowledge in the information technology sector are in high demand. These experts range from software developers to online marketers.

3. Project managers

China is actively involved in infrastructure development. The number of experts in the country is not enough to tackle all these projects. Due to this fact, they are constantly hiring foreign contractors and project managers to supplement their local ones. The plan’s also aimed at improving their local expertise through the incorporation of international experts. With a vast knowledge in this field, one stands a high chance of landing these lucrative positions. You must have strong leadership qualities, focused, and able to complete projects on time. Additionally, you must have a good understanding of Chinese language.

4. Marketing jobs

China is the second largest economy in the world and projected largest by 2020. To expand their position, the country must possess strong global market dominance. With good marketing skills, it is very easy to get a marketing managerial post in China. The presence of local companies competing with other multinationals has created vast opportunities for international managers to fill. There’s also a rise in online marketing which has called for experts from all over the world. Effective marketing ability is aimed at placing Chinese product at the same level with the rest of the world. For a person with excellent marketing skills, the country offers perfect breeding ground to prove their expertise. Having good fluency in Chinese and another language, you have an added advantage in securing a job in China.

5. Logistics

For the Chinese economy to continue booming there is a requirement for a large number of logistic personnel. These professionals are in demand from a small local company to an enormous international corporation. The need has created a vacuum which needs to be filled by competent people. With a good understanding of Chinese and another language, there are high chances of landing one of these job opportunities. Additionally, the economy of China is progressively expanding. Thus, more companies are establishing their bases in the country. The increased number of corporations means more logistic experts with modern knowledge are required.

6. Automobile

The vehicle manufacturing industry in China has been undergoing a rapid transformation. Recently the automotive industry has started exporting cars to the international market. Even with this breakthrough, the country’s production is still under-developed. Due to this, the automobile experts are being sourced from all corners of the earth. With sound knowledge coupled with languages mastery, you’re able to sell yourself like a hot cake in China.

7. Energy industry

Energy goes hand in hand with development. The country has embarked on a massive generation of energy to cater the population and ever increasing industries. The economy can’t continue to grow without uninterrupted power supply; various companies have been contracted to develop different power stations ranging from hydro, thermal and nuclear. Being a qualified energy expert in an energy field, China is a perfect place where you can get an excellent opportunity. The only challenge is language, but if you’re multilingual, you have the upper hand of acquiring a good job in this smoking hot sector.

8. Teaching jobs

As China is a booming business economy, there are more and more people needing to learn Chinese. The issue of language problem is addressed by institutions hiring people from different English-speaking regions. If one is a professional and proficient in English, they have a better chance of landing a well-compensated teaching position.

It’s evident that China has become a country of job opportunities. With the required certificates, a good understanding of the Chinese language there is a good chance of acquiring a great job. While working here offers you great moments to explore modern China.