Finding the best job for you, especially in China or the whole of Asia can be a struggle, especially if you are a recent graduate. Sometimes grads fail to get jobs because they aren’t sure of what they are looking and some aren’t aware of the kind of jobs they want.

For graduates fresh from college, getting a job that pays well and one that has a firm career prospect is all they want.

Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs for recent grads but the fact that graduates aren’t aware of the kind of jobs to pick makes it difficult for them to secure these available opportunities.

Well, it’s understandable; the process of job hunting can get tough but it doesn’t have to because, in this article, we have shared top seven jobs for a recent graduate in China as shared by Anthony Hines, an essay writer at BestEssays.

Let’s get started.

1. Teaching

Teaching is one of the most popular methods of finding work overseas, especially in China, India, Pakistan, Japan, and other Asian countries. The good thing about teaching English overseas is that you do not need teaching experience, particularly when it comes to teaching English.

In fact, you do not need to be a university graduate to teach English overseas but in case you have a degree you can use it.

The good thing is that, when you work in most Asian countries teaching English, you will open the door for more opportunities. And some of the opportunities pay very well and can pay for your accommodation.

As a teacher in China, you can expect to earn up to 300,000 RMB annually.

2. Freelance

Well, freelancing is not easy since it requires one to be ready to put in the work to keep existing and find new clients continuously and at the same time engage in marketing the services.

As a freelance writer, one is tasked with producing articles, books, reports, blog posts,and other creative content. Most often, this job is done on a self-employed or freelance basis.

Since this job does not require too much qualification, it can act as a starting place for a recent graduate.

Usual tasks for a writer include writing, editing and proofreading articles, manuscripts, website text,team working with other specialists including artists, printers and photographers, and general administration. A freelance writer’s salary starts at $30,237 but that depends on the negotiation skills one has and the kind of projects to be handled.

The good thing about becoming a freelancer is that you can work for clients from around the world, whether from the US, India, China or Asia.

In fact, there are tons of freelance sites including Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and more.

3. Account Manager

The Account Manager position is for a recent graduate who has majored in Business, Marketing, and Communications. According to Glassdoor, the average pay for this job is around 200,000 RMB in Shanghai, China. 

Usually, different companies and organizations have different guidelines for this job. For instance, some companies will require you to work in the office and some will require you to still visit clients while working in their office.

That makes the job a perfect fit for fresh graduates who are looking to explore different work settings.

Job responsibilities include monitoring and analyzing customer’s usage of company products, building and sustaining strong, long-term client relationships, andpreparing reports on account status.

4. Medical Work

These days, the demand for health practitioners is high around the world. As a medical worker in China, you will be promoting health education, saving people’s lives and gain experience for your next career.

However, you will be required to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine so that you can find it easy to give out the services involved in the work.

5. Business Analyst

New businesses are emerging every new day and these jobs require candidates with strong analytical skills and a passion for data. Businesses have integrated systems and IT in their day to day activities and that’s where business analyst positions come in.

If you are a recent college graduate having a major in Mathematics, Information Technology, and Economics, the estimated salary of a Business Analyst in China is around 220,000 RMB per year according to Glassdoor.

The primary responsibility of a business analyst is to help businesses apply technology services in a gainful way by assessing the requirements of a project program and presenting them to stakeholders and partners of the company.

6. Communications

Social media has created opportunities for communications, digital media, copywriting, and many others.

Companies around the world are in search of digital content creators to get a strong online presence and become competitive in the global market. This is a good opportunity for a recent graduate in China.

The good thing about this option is that it is not open for communications or marketing only. It is such a broad field that it can accommodate people from various backgrounds. So, even if you majored in a different discipline, you can still get a job in this field as you wait to advance your career.

Graphic designer job

7. Graphic Designer

As competition gets stiffer, companies are looking for ways to boost their visibility online and offline. With more businesses going digital, building a website has become something inevitable. This has led to an increase in demand for graphic designers since companies want their campaign branded to stand out from the crowd.

The good thing about graphic design is that it provides broad opportunities for a recent graduate. For instance, you can work in hospitals, consumer electronics and in almost every industry. You can also work on a freelancing basis.

As one of the chief designers at bestdissertation says, “this job entails shaping the way customers interact with the company’s products or services and getting a company’s message out to the world. The average salary for this job is around 150,000 RMB per year in Shanghai, China, but you must demonstrate proficiency with design software as a supplement to your Bachelor’s degree”.

Other Additional Jobs for a recent graduate in China include

1. Staff Accountant

Money is the core of any business and pursuing a career in accounting can open doors for plenty of other careers than you may think.

To become a staff accountant, you will need a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance and business administration. You will have to spend four years to complete these programs.

Typical job descriptions include preparing and filing tax returns, compiling financial statements, revising and keeping general ledger accounts, evaluating and reconciling bank statements, and ensuring all company bills get paid in time.

As a staff accountant, you can expect to work for accounting agencies, government firms, and NGOs. The salary for a staff accountant is around 元78, 354 per year.

2. Software Engineer

By the way, a software engineer is not a person who sits in front of a computer always. In fact, according to Johnston Kraft, a software engineer at My-Assignment.Help the profession is not about writing computer instructions and code but is about people.

Johnston argues that a software engineer works to determine and define the needs of the end user and then present the needs to designers and coders and then coordinate the development of the software. To become a software engineer, you must be a great communicator and possess excellent project management skills as well. The average entry-level software engineer salary is $55K per year.

The good thing about this profession is that you can work remotely.

3. Investment Banking Analyst

You must be good in research on matters of finance or economics and strong analytical skills to become an investment banking analyst.

With banks, insurance companies, and investment agencies coming up every new day, the demand for investment bankers continues to increase.

The standard roles of an Investment Banking Analyst include reviewing and analyzing investment corporate transactions, raising capital, as well as doing other administrative duties.

Glassdoor puts the salary of an Investment Banking Analyst at $95,269 USD.

Recruiter jobs in China.

4. Recruiter

As a recruiter, you can become an internal recruiter or work for a headhunting firm. However, you will have to be ready to face a fast-paced environment that calls for a vibrant relationship building.

Your job will entail identifying positions and picking the right people to fill them. You will source candidates and guide them through the interview process. For that reason, you need to be a good communicator with the ability to work under pressure. A Recruiter starting salary is around $39,000 USD, plus other benefits.

Well, to conclude, this list is not meant to compel you to pick one or any of these. Neither does it mean you will be successful when you pick any job from this list. We have prepared it to create awareness about the fast-growing careers that are expected to offer great opportunities now and in the future not only in China but around the world as well.

As a recent graduate, you have plenty of opportunities out there. You also have the freedom to shape your career the way you want. Today’s economy requires experienced and flexible professionals. Identify where you can best contribute with your set of skills then work hard about it.

Huge thanks to Michael Gorman for conducting this research!

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