Often, summer time provides the much-needed rest for students. Summer is a time away from academic work and a time to embark on holidays. On the other hand, this period can be somewhat boring to the teachers. What do you do with too much free time?

Partially, this is caused by the usual rigorous routine the teachers are used to and thereby may end up feeling a little unproductive. Therefore, summer jobs for teachers are a welcome alternative to guarantee that your time during the summer break is well utilized while ensuring you earn that extra income. As opposed to the routine school work, summer jobs for teachers may vary dependent on what you wish to do with your time.

Moreover, the summer jobs for teachers can be scheduled in a manner through which you only work at your most convenient time thereby no strict timelines and deadlines. The following are some of the best summer jobs for teachers.

1. Extra-Curricular Instructor

Ideally, summer jobs for teachers need not be strictly complimentary to the routine course work. Far from that, a teacher may possess other skills and interests in the extra-curricular field. For instance, a teacher may be an expert in playing one or more musical instruments. This experience would come in handy as there is always a continual flow of people willing to learn how to play musical instruments. Similarly, another teacher may be equally gifted in acting or dancing.

Putting to use these talents and skills could empower others in the respective areas. Becoming an instructor for the various sporting and athletic activities can also be an equally rewarding alternative to other summer jobs for teachers. This ensures that you maintain a strict fitness program which may have been previously overlooked during the school semester.


2. Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, there is a surge in usage of the online platform as well as an increased number of service providers. Which many people are outsourcing various official administrative and clerical tasks each and every day. As one of the alternative summer jobs for teachers, it may provide extra income while learning from new experiences. Primarily, teachers are managers in their own capacities and therefore when tasked with functions such as bookkeeping or scheduling, they may put their expertise to good use.

As a virtual assistant, teachers are poised to further their grasp of a hands-on experience which may be used in class thereby making them more efficient when school resumes. Moreover, as with other summer jobs for teachers, this virtual assistant role gives the liberty to the teacher to choose what they feel they are more capable of delivering thus making them in control of how much they earn.

3. Researcher

Teaching through the regular school year may be overwhelming. And it denies a teacher extra time they need to carry out self-development research activities. For this reason, researching as an alternative to summer jobs for teachers is a great opportunity for them to become masters in their fields. On the contrary, a geography teacher may want to research within the biology field and the summer would provide a perfect opportunity.

Teachers could take the time through the part-time study and master subjects outside of their fields. Similarly, this research time during the summer may help them in propelling up the ladder of academia.

4. Freelance Writer

As mentioned earlier, the primary concern for most teachers is how to pass the free time during summer holidays. Naturally, some teachers would wish to indulge themselves in freelance writing as one of the summer jobs for teachers. Typically, writing comes almost naturally to most teachers. And freelance would be more of a norm than it is a transition.

Noteworthy, freelance writing as alternative summer jobs for teachers guarantees that teachers choose familiar topics. Also, teachers may choose specific areas of interest where they feel there is much personal growth towards their career paths. For instance, a history teacher would decide to involve herself in writing on historical issues solely. Alongside earning a steady income from the writing, this further equips the teacher with and superb mastery of content. Which can then enhance their delivery skills once classes resume.


5. Tutor

Primarily, most teachers would find themselves rolling back to their initial call of duty, which is tutoring. Just because schools are on a break does not mean that parents and students aren’t concerned anymore with school work. In fact, students who may want to get ahead of the pack or those facing challenges may wish to take this opportunity to sharpen themselves.

Also, tutoring as an example of summer jobs for teachers can be so diverse and satisfying. For instance, apart from giving tuition classes to students on a one-on-one basis, teachers may utilize online platforms which have become extremely helpful in facilitating knowledge transfer.

Similarly, teachers may take the summer break to tutor students abroad. On this, teachers achieve the much-needed holiday while ensuring that they are fully engaged. Finally, a common trend found in most non-English speaking countries is that there is an increased interest for citizens to master the English language. It provides a great alternative to summer jobs for teachers. Tutoring in English as a Second Language (ESL) is primarily a welcome reprieve for teachers who may wish to tutor others.

It is important that when settling for various summer jobs for teachers that you consider your primary concern. If you need extra income, do thorough research while carefully ensuring that whatever you settle on is something you can comfortably perform. Again, it is imperative that you avoid strict schedules. You do want to enjoy your summer holiday after all.

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