It is not strange to find people opting to move out of their home country. They decide to move from one corner of the world to the other may be temporarily or to start a new life there. A common scenario is when people move from the western countries and move to Shanghai city in China. To survive there, just like in any other place in the world, requires that one gets a job to be able to sustain themselves. From the Shanghai job listings, here are some of the top 5 jobs in Shanghai for foreigners one could consider when doing a job search in Shanghai.

Be an English Teacher

If you are from an English-speaking country like America and well vast in the knowledge of the language, then posing to be an English teacher is a good venture while you are in Shanghai. It is one of the most common jobs in shanghai for English speakers. There are many schools in China, and specifically Shanghai that provide lessons to the Chinese people who want to learn the English language. This is one of the favorable jobs for Americans in Shanghai since most schools require native English speakers. The pay is quite decent and should be able to sustain you in the City. A good thing about this job is that you don’t have to know Mandarin. The options are many ranging from private language institutions, private tutoring, boarding schools and universities. The requirements vary depending on the place one wants to practice the same.

Customer Service Representative

One could also work in Shanghai as a customer service representative. It is not that a difficult job and can be learned pretty fast. This particular job involves providing services that customers require. The scope ranges from answering the product inquiries from the customers to the opening of an account and maintaining it, and also helping the customers out when they do their financial transactions. Further roles include referring customers to sales specialists, assist in sales and operations and also do some administrative tasks. This particular job, however, has some requirements. One could easily land this if they are learned and have some little experience. Your communication and interpersonal skills have to be impressive. The requirements vary depending on the job environment and the kind of business that is being run. This job also has some pretty good pay.

Acting and Modeling Jobs

The entertainment industry is big all over the world and it actually pays. One of the ventures you could take when you are a foreigner in Shanghai is either the acting or the modeling job. An interesting thing about this is that, just by the virtue that you have a face that sells you off as a person from the western countries, you can easily and more quickly get your face in commercials and TV screens. It does not matter whether you consider yourself to be a hunk or beautiful. The Chinese often have a surprisingly high regard for the standards of beauty that the westerners have. A few ads and you might find yourself in one of those Chinese movies. Another good thing about this is that you don’t have to be talented in acting. Just provide that good western look and all is set. This is one of the jobs in Shanghai for expats. The pay may be quite limited. The agency you will work for and the roles that you will play will go a long way in determining the amount you get paid. A talented person would reap more from this since they can play much bigger roles that come with a lucrative pay.

Trading Company Sales Manager

Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in China. As such, it is home to many companies that manufacture a variety of products. Am sure more often that you can remember you have come across goods with the label “made in China”. You can take advantage of this and get a free ride on the gravity train by working with one of the hundreds if not thousands trading companies in Shanghai that hook up the western buyers and Chinese suppliers. This job requires that one learns the Chinese lingo related to trade and you are good to go. The job mostly entails translating correspondence and emails from the traders and the buyers. The main thing is providing that clear communication channel that will help the different language speakers perform the business transactions. One could earn big from this job depending on the number of clients a company has, and the number of clients you land. Most sales jobs earnings are commissions and hence, the more the number of clients you land, the more you get to earn.

Specialized Technical Skills and Engineering

China is one of the giant countries in the world when it comes to undertaking infrastructural projects. Despite it producing a larger number of skilled persons and engineers in their various universities, the demand for foreign skills is surprisingly high. Chinese universities are having a difficult time training engineers in the new specialized skills like the oil and gas, clean energy and automotive.This makes persons from universities with more advanced learning system highly and readily welcomed there. Of the international jobs Shanghai, several require the engineers and persons with technical skills. This is a good window for an internship in Shanghai for foreigners who are in university in the western countries studying engineering. The Engineering jobs are quite lucrative in nature, and so if you have some skills from the west or you are an engineer looking to move to Shanghai, China, then you better be expecting some excellent compensation in China and even more benefits attached to it.

Setting a base in a foreign land can be quite tough and if not lucky one may have a rough start. However, being strategic is one of the most important and key aspects one should employ in order to have a smooth ride. Getting jobs in a foreign land, especially a place like Shanghai can be pretty tough. However if you take a keen look at your options and identify one that works best for you, you will end up having a lovely life experience away from home.

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