With China’s desire to learn English, schools with an emphasis on English have emerged one by one within the country. Along with the establishment of these institutions also comes the need for foreign teachers. Of course, who else would be able to teach the students the right way to talk than those who speak the language themselves? Hence, the reason why an applicant should be a native speaker of the English dialect. If you want to venture into the field of teaching, you ought to consider taking up jobs in China for English speakers.

With its population increasing to more than 1.3 billion people and a 10% annual growth rate over the past ten years, China is quickly becoming home to the largest middle class in the world, a group of people who are hungry for the ticket to success: the ability to speak English.

English has become the world’s international language and is an integral part of business, travel, medicine, entertainment, international commerce, and higher education (with US universities being the top draw of nations).

English Teacher

part time jobs for students

China has made a national priority to have English taught in its thousands of public schools and has allowed the free enterprise of private English language schools. The problem with learning foreign languages worldwide is that the non-native teachers typically have poor verbal skills and lack of context in the language being taught. The solution is to hire native English speakers from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. There are some exceptions, such as someone who attended school in one of these countries, or someone who has learned to have a neutral accent.

English teaching around the world has reached nearly 300,000 teachers living abroad using their native English skills. English classes worldwide are typically taught in complete English immersion which provides the opportunity to teach around the world.

With such a significant market demand, most schools in China pay approximately double the salary of native Chinese teachers and often provide free airfare and housing to attract the tens of thousands of teachers needed each year. Besides China, English teachers are also required to teach throughout Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

With the shortage of teachers, there is an international certification available named TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). A TEFL certification trains and qualifies native English speakers to obtain teaching jobs worldwide. Intensive TEFL Certification courses can be finished in 30 days on location or in 2 month part-time TEFL courses online.

Let us have a look at the meaning of these terms: ESL Teacher – the initials ESL stands for English as a Second Language. Many Chinese do not consider English as their first language hence, an increase in demand for ESL teachers. A good example of foreign nationals who need ESL teachers badly are the sizeable Korean communities in various parts of China.

TOEFL Teacher – TOEFL stands for Teaching of English as a First Language. Many ESL teachers are also qualified to be TOEFL teachers.

TESOL – this is relatively new among English language jobs. The acronym stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. But the qualifications are similar to those for ESL and TOEFL teachers.

Native English speakers from, UK, Canada, America, Australia, and New Zealand, are in high demand and can find themselves flying off within a few months to the land of the rising sun. While most of the teachers are in their 20’s and 30’s, energetic, and adventurous, many people in their 50’s find a second chance of living abroad after the kids have grown.

Leading the industry worldwide training close to 1,000 new teachers every year, The TEFL Institute of Chicago offers TEFL certification in Shanghai China and 25 other international TEFL locations, as well as online TEFL training for those working full time.

Call Center Agent

The call center industry is a sunshine industry. Unfortunately, call center clients often require call center agents to speak English with an American twang. Though call centers offer excellent compensation, some people dislike such English language jobs because they feel the callers from other countries do not respect them.

Call Center Trainer

To produce a good call center agent may require the services of good call center trainers. This offers significantly higher pay as English language jobs go, though it can be frustrating when the call center agents do not pass the criteria of the call center, meaning, the blame ultimately gets passed to the call center trainer.


As one of the traditional English language jobs, journalists are always in demand, particularly for graveyard beats such as at police stations. However, the hours journalists keep may be strange and long, and the pay may not meet their needs for a satisfactory lifestyle. As one of the most honorable of English language jobs, though, being a journalist offers prestige and recognition that other English language jobs may not provide.


part time jobs for students

This is a blanket term for English language jobs that require data-gathering. Some researchers conduct research for corporate purposes, while others work for non-profits. It requires a level of proficiency in English though other skills such as knowledge of statistics may also come into play.


There are many openings in China for English language jobs. This can be attributed to the booming economy which emphasizes skills and proficiencies in English. English language jobs have been around before, but not to the level that they are now in demand.