China has always been an unpredictable nation when it comes to its public policies and public welfare related issues. Being a communist nation under the control of the unrivaled single party, practically there is, an absence of strong opposition that can control the policies and practices of ruling party. This has lead sometimes to the implementation of weird laws that have jeopardized the lives of the Chinese population. There are a plethora of evidence of such whimsical decisions of the Chinese government but the latest policy is surely one hell of an example that has left entire world perplexed. The policy that will be talked about in this article is that of ban imposition on various social networking sites, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and one of the giants of the search engine, i.e., Google. Now that is something really very absurd looking at the technically advanced world but what could be done against the decision of one of the leading nations of the world.

Though nothing can be done when we talk about ban policy and its implementation but who said that alternative approach is banned too? Everyone is well aware of the fact that every lock comes with its own key and every problem has a solution, the need is to find out that key or solution. Similar is the belief of Chinese tech savvies who have devised various methodologies through which it has become practically possible to access the banned websites on Chinese soil. Now that’s what passion is! Passion for Facebook and Instagram, greed for the wide information opportunities that only Google can offer, zest to get linked with people across the globe through these worldwide operated social media tools. These attributes have lead to the development of various proxy methods for accessing Google, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

In spite of the imposed ban, everyone is well aware of the fact that the internet is being accessed in China in a fully fledged manner. Even the tourists and foreigners are guided through illegal means to access these social media contents on their phones or androids. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are the god father of these proxy methods to access the internet and legally banned website contents in China. VPN is not exactly an illegal method because technically it is a legal software that helps access remote online content without disclosing the real IP address to the media hawkers. With the help of VPN, the Chinese resident or internet user sitting on Chinese soil can access the internet representing himself as the resident of chosen network’s area, for instance, the US, which is usually the first choice for establishing a proxy network through VPN from China.

Though people are trying to develop free VPN for China but there are not many chances of success in this field because VPNs require high-speed broadband connection (by the way make sure to check your internet speed with and that requires a considerable amount of Yuan. Hereafter few VPNs have been mentioned which are supposed to be the best VPN for China 2012 and they are also the best VPN to access China websites. These VPNs can be downloaded beforehand by the tourists through browsing on the internet that can be captioned as ‘best VPN for China reddit’ as ‘’ offers best VPN for the visitors or local population of China to access the internet and banned website content.

I. Express VPN

Express VPN is probably the best VPN for China as per the various reviews that have been obtained by the internet users in China who access it with the help of diverse virtual networks. Express VPN is not overloaded with various features; rather it is very balanced software that is capable of providing high-speed internet without utilizing any expensive medium to get through the internet connections. The money back guarantees scheme of Express VPN also makes it the first choice of VPN users. The clients of Express VPN are highly functional and facilitate uncomplicated and straightforward desktop and mobile applications. The Hong Kong database of Express VPN is an expert at violating the boundaries of GFW (Great Firewall of China), which is the watchdog of virtual life of Chinese population. The biggest advantage of downloading Express Way is that it functions in impressive figure of 28 countries and at various hotspots of China, for instance, Taiwan, Hong Kong, US, Japan etc. which is good news for its customers as this ensures high-speed internet access to banned websites in every nook and corner of China!

II. Astrill

Though Astrill has never been the list of best VPN, yet the local reviews from Chinese VPN users have made it emerge as the one of the leading choice of customers worldwide because of its best-reported customer care services for the Chinese population. Astrill has its customers in 54 countries with lucrative offers for initial customers. Astrill operates extremely well in China and allows single user access on two devices at once!


Vypr VPN is one of the very few VPN service providers that manage its entire network infrastructure and communications without any help from outside connection. This ensures the consistency in its functioning and downloaded features as a similar platform is available for the user at every corner of the world, wherever vypr VPN facilitates its network. The special “Chameleon” stealth technology of vypr VPN has made it the preferred choice for customers as the GFW cannot detect its encrypted information. This software is truly a boon for Chinese population which was otherwise living in the doomed world of Facebook absence!


Air VPN is a worshiped name in the secret world of online media where privacy is the supreme priority. The technological excellence of Air VPN makes it altogether a best piracy package for the professional hackers and illegal Chinese internet users. The Hong Kong headquarters of Air VPN facilitates high-speed internet at nearly every location of China.

V. Pure VPN

Pure VPN is considered as the world’s most rapid VPN service provider that facilitates the most unswerving and easily graspable software technology. Chinese population takes equal advantage of this software like rest mentioned above.

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