The process of an interview is a direct communication process in which a well-qualified and skilled hiring employer asks many questions to the prospective job seeker. There is a handful of top software engineer interview questions that often come up.

software engineer interview questions

A computer professional is a person who is hired to write codes for developing and maintaining the hardware and software as well. They are wholly responsible for developing computer software applications and also many other functions. Given below are some common software engineer interview questions that come up again and again during the process of an interview for the post of any computer related field.

The first software engineer interview questions are normally conducted by the Human Resources department or general staff through resumes. During this initial contact, the interviewer is looking for basic information.

Software Engineer Interview Questions Will Include:

1. How did you hear about this position?

This is where they determine what career marketing strategy they are using works, i.e.,,,, corporate website, friend, etc.

2. Are you willing to relocate?

Although there was an initial push for telecommuter hires, it appears more jobs are being filled, which require the new hire to report to a physical office location – so much for modern technology. More jobs are being moved to lower overhead locations. They need to know before they waste further resources if you are serious about moving to the middle of nowhere for this job.

3. How soon can you start?

Be honest here. Don’t be too eager to take a job, when you have to tie up a lot of loose ends in relocating. They will expect something more than two weeks. You will have to consider selling your house or getting out of a lease, moving your lifetime collection of PEZ dispensers, informing your current employer and completing any task you are currently working on for them. I believe four weeks is a minimum response in most cases.

The second bulk of software engineer interview questions will be conducted by someone with a technical background. At this point, you have expressed an interest in a position and have shown a willingness to relocate to their facility. Now comes the part where they try to determine if you will be an asset to them or a good fit for their team dynamics.

Here are some questions you are likely to hear:

1. What is your current job title?

Although you may not currently hold a software engineering job title, there is still hope of landing a software engineering position. The interviewer is trying to make sense from the skills you put down on your resume versus what skills is needed for your current job position.

2. Do you have any experience with team-based work environments?

software engineer interview questions

You may think this is a simple type of software engineer interview questions to be asked. However, many people do not have to interact with other individuals to complete work tasks. As a software engineer, you will be required to interface with other team members, usually on a daily basis.

Teamwork is not for everyone. If you have the type of personality that makes team-based work or decisions difficult, you should be honest with yourself. Otherwise, you may land yourself a position you regret taking.

3. Are you willing to relocate?

Yes, this question was asked in the first interview. The prospective company needs to know your intention for inquiring for this position. Companies receive tons of applications from a variety of sources with many people applying just to test the market. Again, be honest about your willingness to relocate.

4. What type of programming experience do you have?

Some companies may be in need of a language specific applicant; others may not. Be honest about your abilities, highlight your attributes and state your limitations. You should be careful on how you answer this kind of software engineer interview question.

5. Please tell us something about your technical experience?

  • “I have experience in this field…”
  • “I have worked on various big projects up till now…”
  • “I have ample experience in designing and developing complex applications…”
  • “I have supervised development activities for numerous projects…”
  • “I have participated many times in architecture, design and code reviews…”

These are the expected sorts of answers to such software engineer interview questions.

6. What is a class?

Well, it is one of the most basic questions asked by an interviewer. A class is a blueprint or prototype from which objects are created. It is a real-world object which consists of methods and data. You should show a keenness when answering this kind of software engineer interview questions.

7. What is the difference between call by value, call by reference and call by address?

In call by value, a copy of the argument is passed as a parameter. So the caller method and the called method are working on different sets of data. Any change in one will not affect another. In call by reference the address of an argument is passed, so any modification in one will be reflected in the other. Call by address is the same as call by reference.

8. What are your technical and nontechnical skills?

This includes having knowledge on how programs like UNIX, C, C++, Visual Basic, DEC, VAX, System Servers, SGI, Intel 8086 Assembler, VMS, Pascal, LISP, FORTRAN, Basic, Macro-II, RCS, MS, Team Ware, MS/DOS, and Solaris works. You should have excellent analytical, problem solving, and interpersonal skills.

9. What are your weak and strong points?

It is a nice question which gives you a good opportunity to put an optimistic turn on something negative. You have to mold your negatives into positives. For a weakness you can say that I am too focused toward my work, and I think I should take out time for myself. As far as strong points are concerned, they expect a simple answer from you. Just tell that you are hardworking, perfectionist and ambitious. This is a this is a tricky software engineer interview questions.

The third phase of the interview process will likely come in the form of a skills test. This interview is prefaced on the fact that you have the requisite background they seek, and your willingness to work where the job is. The test may come in a face to face format, or many companies are using a proctored test format. For those unfamiliar with a proctored test format, essentially it requires that a neutral party is present to administer the test and to verify that time restraints are met, and no reference materials are used. The proctored test can be given at a local library or university. The prospective company will handle the logistics of this arrangement and to see the test is delivered and received.

These are some of the important software engineer interview questions that are asked in interviews, and I hope the tips here will help you answer these questions with high confidence.

Nowadays, the computer has become the need of every field as well as organizations, hence the need to learn software engineer interview questions. The popularity of the computer is increasing day by day, every job is shifting on this specific physical machine. If you are planning for a computer-related interview, then you must have the basic knowledge and awareness of several computer applications and software. You must also be aware of software applications for example MS Office, PowerPoint presentation, MS Word, good typing speed, and Adobe Photoshop. Best of luck for the interview.

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