If you’re thinking of heading to China to start your career, then there couldn’t be a better time than the present. To help you get started, here’s a list of 20 different companies where you could make that initial push.


Alibaba Group Headquarters

Based in Hangzhou – about 40 minutes from Shanghai – Alibaba is the brainchild of Jack Ma and one of the biggest Chinese tech companies. They run services like Alipay and Taobao and have clients all over the world. They are constantly looking for foreign staff to help make their company an international one. Send them an email and find out how you can get on board.


Tencent is one of Alibaba’s biggest competitors and another of the big Chinese tech companies. They run the mobile app WeChat. They’ve long been aiming to get a foothold overseas, in a bid to extend their market share. Since WeChat is a social messaging and media app, expect to know a little about app development or social media marketing.


Baidu is like Google, except in China. They offer a lot of online services but these are mainly for those based in China. If you want to work here, make sure that you have a decent level of Chinese, because chances are you’re going to need it.


huawei headquarters

A pretty good one when it comes to Chinese tech companies, Huawei has become one of many top Chinese brands in the past few years. Gone are the days of cheap rip-offs and copies, now Huawei have started making their own original products. If you’re thinking of joining them, then make sure you’ve got some good ideas, because they’re currently all about innovation.


Xiaomi has also has become one of the top Chinese brands. They are known for putting together a huge range of different electronics, including phones, speakers, and home design. They’ve long been seen as an Apple copy, but similar to Huawei, they’re starting to get their own ideas and designs.

China Telecom

In order to get those phones working, you’re going to need to a mobile service provider. China Telecom is just that. And they don’t just do phones,though,  they also do the internet. One of the top Chinese brands, and a great place to work.


Wanda is involved in a range of different projects, from theme parks to cinemas. Opportunities with Wanda are hugely varied because of the organization’s diverse portfolio. One of the best companies in China to work for. 



Disney has recently opened up a new theme park next to Shanghai. If you’re thinking of going into a Disney career, then they’re definitely an employer you should consider. Plus, Disney employees have some great perks!

English First

One of the biggest English teaching schools in the world. English First is a reliable and trustworthy company to start your English teaching career with.


Xindongfang is one of many English teaching companies in China. They tend to offer great pay, good benefits, and reasonable working hours to their employees.

Wall Street English

Wall Street English is seen as a bit of an upmarket training center. If you’re thinking of working for them, then you can expect slightly better students, as their parents will likely have paid more money.


Dipont are known for helping get Chinese students into American high schools. If you’re thinking about becoming a high school counselor instead of an English teacher, Dipont might be better than a straight up teaching English.

Agricultural Bank of China

Also known as ABC, this bank is one of the big 4 in China. Currently, they’re moving branches out overseas to places like Sydney, Seoul, and Singapore. If you’re interested in international relations and finance, don’t forget to add them to your list of places you’ll apply to.

China Construction Bank

The China Construction bank is one of the country’s biggest banks. A great choice if you’re looking to get involved in finance. Based on recent numbers, it’s actually said to be the second largest bank in the world. You’ll likely have to move to its headquarters in Beijing though.

Bank of Communications

The Bank of Communications is one of the more internationally open banks in China. They’re all about doing business with international clients and businesses. If you think that sounds like you, drop them an application. You’ll probably even get away without knowing Chinese.

China Merchants Bank

Another of China’s more open banks and one of the more profitable. A similar working environment to the Bank of Communications.

Industrial and Commercial Bank

One of the four big banks in China. Chaired by Jiang Jianqing, this company has made it to the top 10 Chinese companies based on its revenue. If you’re looking for something to do with finance, this is definitely one of your best choices. You’re more likely to need Chinese language skills though.

Bank of China

Bank of China Headquarters

One of the biggest banking companies in China. Bank of China is looking for people to help with international relations, and in finance sectors.

Saic Motor Corporation Limited

Headquartered in Shanghai, Saic is one of the biggest China manufacturing companies for automobiles in the world. They produce over 4.5 million vehicles per annum. They’re looking for people who can help to market them overseas. If you think you’ve got what it takes, send them your resume.


One of the biggest oil and gas providers in China. You’ll see their stations dotted around all over the place. They currently have headquarters in Shanghai, as well as abroad in New York. You might just get involved in Chinese exports.


PretroChina is another oil and gas company. Located in Beijing, PetroChina is looking for people who are interested in Chinese exports and getting deals moving.