Here are our top 12 must have interview skills if you want an offer letter in your hand!

1. Arrive earlier than agreed

Ability to be precise is a must, but when it comes to job interviews, you will leave the best impression by arriving earlier than your potential bosses. Always remember that – the first impression is the most important one.

2. Dress properly

Job interviews are a serious happening, and you have to dress in that manner. Do not go in a sweatsuit and sneakers; that’s the worst thing that you could do even if you are applying to be a gym teacher! If you are a woman, do not wear too much makeup, you aren’t going to a party. Also, be careful not to wear anything too revealing if you want to be taken seriously. In some companies, there is not a dress code but you should still look professional for the interview.

It’s easier if you are a man as a nice suit is always in, but try not to be too serious. Not too conspicuously, not too casual; combine formal with informal; try not to look poor or too rich. Be in the middle and your clothes will look perfectly good on you on your big day.

3. Smile and be polite

Wherever you go, whatever you do – don’t forget to smile.
Talk politely, smile often, wait for the interviewer to finish their sentence, and then start talking. Use nice words like: sorry, please, may I, would you please explain, and so on. Being rude is a serious offense, remember that. In other words – try your best to be as polite as possible.

4. Show interest in what the company does

The first thing that you have to do when you find out that you have been selected for the interview is to open you browser and do some research on what the company does. You may think that you know everything (you don’t and realizing that is part of growing up), but you should still do some research and talk to people from the company if you can. LinkedIn is a good recourse for this. Write down all important things that you have discovered and let that be your homework. Being well prepared to talk about your potential future job is essential.

5. Keep your answers focused

Don’t talk too much and remember, less is more. Carefully listen to every question and let the flow of your words be slow, precise, and short. One or two sentences per question is almost always enough.
Nobody loves to hear “Once upon a time” answers, so be professional and remember that you aren’t telling a fairytale, you are answering serious questions.

6. Know what to share and what not to share

Being sincere isn’t always a good idea.
I am not suggesting you lie or anything similar, just try not to mention some things. For example, you hate to get up early. Do you think that the interviewer would love to hear that?! Of course not. Practice this at home, and prepare perfect answers that will beautify your little shortcomings.

7. Be positive

Show them that you have faith in a brighter future. Everyone loves to talk with a positive person, rather than a negative one. Let them know that when you failed in the past, that you got up twice stronger and that you aren’t a person who only complains. You are a person of action and let them remember that!

8. Be well informed

Don’t be surprised if the interviewer asks you, “What do you think about the present political situation?” In order to be as serious as possible and to make a good impression, you have to be well informed.
Meaning, you have to be able to continue a conversation when it comes to any common subject.

9. Don’t be first to mention salary

I know that you can’t wait to start earning and stand on your own feet, but be patient. Patience is a virtue so wait ’till the interviewer asks you about salary, and believe me, they will.

10. Make frequent eye contact

A person who is making frequent eye contacts looks more confident and is more pleasant to talk with. Imagine that you are talking to someone who is avoiding eye contact. What does that mean? How would you feel? Keep that in mind, and practice it at home, if necessary.

11. Greet the employer with a handshake

Simple, yet an important task. Handshake is the most appropriate way of greeting for any occasion. Don’t forget to do that when you are leaving, also.

12. Create a perfect CV and cover letter

While talking, the interviewer will constantly be looking at your CV and cover letter. Make sure it looks good and is a good reflection of you.

13. Persuading skill

In China, modesty is a vertue so be sure to show your strengths without being too boastful. Talk about every little thing that you are good at and show them how qualified you are through your accomplishments rather than saying, “I am good at _____.”