If you are looking forward to getting a job you will have to face an interview panel at one time or another. It’s, therefore, important to prepare adequately to be able to respond to interview questions that employers often ask. Since these questions are common, you are expected to answer smoothly and without hesitation. However, you do not have to memorize an answer but just to think carefully so that you are not put on the spot during the interview. In fact, if you prepare in advance and have a sense of what you may be asked, you are good to go. Here are the top 12 interview questions.

1- What your greatest weakness?

Although it looks tough this is a very easy question. You are simply being asked about your weaknesses. While answering this question do your level best to focus on the positive skills that you have and your abilities as an employee.

2 – Tell us about yourself

This is usually a standard opening question but it’s still one of the most common interview questions. According to job seekers, this is one of the questions that usually trip them. While answering it, keep your answer short and job specific. Do not dive into your life history.

3 – Why should we hire you

The easiest answer to this question is that you are the most qualified for this job. However, when saying this, back it up with what sets you apart. You should show that you are the best person for this job by giving passionate examples.

4 – Why are you leaving your previous employment

When asked about this, do not deviate from the facts. Answer directly and focus your answer to the future especially if your leaving was not because of any problem. More so, leverage your job history and connect it to the company’s objectives. You need to convince them that you are the best candidate for this job.

5 – What is your salary expectation

What are you looking forward to in terms of salary? Although this may seem like a simple question, your answer can determine whether you succeed or not especially if you quote a huge salary. The best way to answer this question is not to over-quote or under quote a salary.

6 – What are some of your greatest strengths

While answering this question you need to concentrate on the words vision and leadership. You should explain how your leadership qualities and vision translated into your personal results. The most important quality in a successful worker is leadership skills. Avoid naming a strength or quality that is irrelevant to the job.

7 – What are your goals for the future

This question has been designed to find out if you are going to be with the organization for some time or move out as you find a better opportunity? Ensure that you keep your answer focused on the opportunity at hand and the organization that is interviewing you.

8 – Why do you want to work for us

The interviewing manager is trying to know your underlying reasons towards wanting the job. Are you here just for the salary or do you see yourself becoming an important part of the company. It’s important to show them that you are there to be part of the company. Avoid talking about money at this juncture since this can be a complete turn-off.

9 – What is your greatest achievement

Although this is similar to what is your greatest strength, there is some slight difference. Ensure that you pick an accomplishment that shows that the company puts value in what you are doing. You may have many achievements but pick the ones that are the most desirable for the position that you are taking. Do not be tempted to imagine that your accomplishment is too small for the company. What the company values might be more powerful than any unrelated accomplishment.

10 – Have you ever had a conflict with your boss

This interview question is very tricky since if you say no, most interviewers will keep digging deep into the question. The key to answering this is describing how you behaved when you had such a conflict and how resolved it. For instance, you may say that you have had minor conflicts that you easily resolved without any problems.

11 – How do you handle success

In most jobs employees usually encounter moments of failure and success. Remember most employees are consistently looking for high levels of productivity among their staff members. They are trying to know how you can handle an achievement and whether you are open to learning.

12 – Do you work well with other people

Any organization is often made up of a group of people working together? The interviews are just trying to understand whether you are a people’s person or not. In fact, by saying that you enjoy working with people is just enough.

Bottom line

Well, there you have it. Those are the top 12 good interview questions. The key thing during the interview is to focus on the needs of the Company instead of your own while answering the questions so that you do not appear selfish. However remember every job interview questions are always tailored to the job position you are being interviewed for.