The world of the Internet is a wonderful place for seeking entertainment, knowledge, and even adventure. In the hope of seeing a cute cat video that might improve your mood, the Internet isn’t just that happy place you go when you are feeling down. The Internet also provides a great chance to earn big if you know how to use it.

Many people found their ideal job on the Internet, while still doing what they really love. Ask YouTubers – they will tell you how awesome it is to have fun and still earn money! It is a real trend to be a YouTuber these days and, while you can treat it as a hobby, keep in mind that many people have turned it into a real, high-income job! Don’t believe us? We are about to convince you that one can learn a lot by becoming an awesome YouTuber! We’ll give you the top 10 Youtube Millionaires’ list. If this doesn’t inspire you to start YouTubing today, nothing will.

With the Google’s AdSense program, YouTube slowly turned out to be a platform where one can earn conveniently. According to the T&C of Google, anyone who signs up for a YouTube account can enjoy 45% of the revenue generated by the Google video. Though it may seem small as an individual amount, the YouTubers who became millionaires say something else.

Rosanna Pansino – $2.5m

Rosanna Pansino found a nice way to combine her geeky side with her passion for baking. This YouTuber is making $2.5 million a year, and has nearly 5 million followers on her YouTube channel. Rosanna gained her popularity by baking cakes and other sweet treats inspired by video games and sci-fi movies. Pac-Man burger? – Sure, why not!

Roman Atwood – $2.5m

With over 7.5 million followers on his YouTube channel today, Roman Atwood gained his popularity and became a YouTube millionaire by doing outrageous pranks. Roman has really proved that being a wild child can pay off – he has pranked his friends, pranked people in public, and even pretended to have killed his own child! Now that’s a true prankster! Take notes, kids!

Lilly Singh – $2.5m

The sarcastic Lilly Singh, also known as the SuperWoman, is adored by many simply because of her satirical and humorous approach to many aspects of life. Do you hate your period? Are you asking yourself if all women take that long to get ready for a night out? Lilly will give you the answers and surely a good laugh! Having over 9.5 million subscribers today, this SuperWoman made her big breakthrough with a video in which Selena Gomez was her celebrity guest.

Michelle Phan – $3m

You can find many YouTubers who offer make-up tutorials, but Michelle Phan is the one to look for. With earnings of $3 million dollars and over 8 million subscribers, Michelle is one of the most successful YouTubers in the field of make-up tutorials. On her channel you will find tutorials on how to gain a celebrity look, and her most popular video – how to get the Barbie look. If you are a make-up lover, then remember Michelle Phan has become a YouTube millionaire by doing what she loves!

KSI – $4.5m

If you want to see what success in many different fields means, take the YouTuber KSI as a great example. KSI started his career as a YouTuber with a video of him playing the FIFA play station game and commenting on it. Later, he started doing comedy and prank videos, as well as animated videos. From there, KSI launched his own line of clothing and entered the music business.

Rhett & Link – $4.5m

Rhett & Link, collectively known as the Intertainers, are the guys behind the widely popular Epic Rap Battles: Nerd vs. Geek, Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs, Skrillex vs. Mozart – you name it! On their channel you can find funny videos and satirical commercials for local brands. Even though they do not have as many subscribers as other popular YouTubers (they have less than 4 million subscribers), their videos are well-known and able to make them millionaires.

Lindsey Stirling – $6m

If you haven’t heard the name Lindsey Stirling, then you are missing out on a lot. Lindsay is a violinist who covers different music genres, anything from hip hop and pop, to movie and game soundtracks. She appeared on America’s Got Talent, which additionally boosted her career as a YouTuber. She has also performed with many celebrities, including Pentatonix, John Legend and Celine Dion.

The Fine Bros – $8.5m

The Fine Bros are, in fact, real bros! Brothers Benny and Rafi Fine started their careers on YouTube back in 2007, and since then have accumulated over 13 million subscribers on their channel! They are famous for filming people’s reactions. Their most famous video of all time is a try-not-to-laugh video, which has been viewed over 41 million times!

Smosh – $8.5m

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla are the people behind the popular Smosh channel which has over 21 million subscribers! They gained their popularity by doing parody videos on popular movies, TV series and games, bringing laughter to people’s lives. As you know, this concept is popular on YouTube now, yet not many people have managed to even come close to their success.

PewDiePie – $12m

Coming on top of this list of YouTube Millionaires is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, or PewDiePie as he is popularly known. If you are a gamer yourself, then there is no doubt that you would have heard about PewDiePie by now. This YouTuber plays video games and makes comments about it. Sure, you may think that it is not so entertaining, but his almost 40 million (!) subscribers will prove you wrong! His $12 million dollar earnings make PewDiePie the highest paid YouTuber!

Thank you for joining our top 10 countdown of YouTube millionaires. You may be feeling dizzy from the numbers you just saw, but these things really happen when you reach great online success. As you can see, being a creative YouTuber can really pay off! These self-made YouTube millionaires had the same opportunities as you do – you just need to have a wonderful idea which you can share with the world through your channel and become one of the YouTubers who became millionaires!

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